Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Tiger Taco (Help I Am

Where can I buy one: Tiger (UK) / Tiger (US)
Price: £4.99 for 4
It’s a fact of life that the product you really need in a critical moment is going to be something you stumble upon two weeks too late. Take the Tiger Taco for example, a simple tool to help in the packing and unpacking of boxes, and when should one turn up on my desk? Two weeks after I’ve settled down in to my new house. Typical!

But let’s not be worried about my lack of luck and instead focus on whether the product works for those of you who are about to embark on a moving trip of your own. The Tiger Taco gets its name from being shaped like the delicious treat and by having stripes on the side of it. Designed to hold down the edge of any carboard box so you can easily load and unload the contents it’s a novel concept.

As you can see from the photo on the left it works on boxes of all sizes and didn’t show any signs of strain or struggle in holding down our demo box. Because there’s no real grip involved (i.e the device doesn’t pinch, it simply slots over the two pieces of cardboard) the box should come out undamaged and as flexible as it was in the first place.

When you’re done moving there’s not really a lot else you can do with the Tiger Taco, although I suppose small businesses or anyone that moves stuff around their house, will find occasional uses whenever they need to load a box. Marie suggested the Tiger Taco would make an excellent bag holder if placed on a wall, so there’s a possible multipurpose life for them yet.

Although expensive for a moulded piece of plastic, the Tiger Taco is a useful tool to have around the house, and it must be said attaching the taco is a lot less hassle than holding down the edges of a box every time you want to take something out. For those who find that particular scenario a bit of a nightmare then it’s a nice solution to one of life’s little problems.

Extra bit: Help I Am may also want to look up my own personal moving tip, Tesco boxes. Every time you get a Tesco delivery online they’ll leave 4-6 giant green boxes which are easy to stack, with loads of space, if a little heavy. These were my own lifesaver on my last moving trip and were pretty much indispensable. Plus they have no sides to pin down either.

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Blogger Chris Miller said...

Sweet review!
(chris, one of the taco dudes here; need to toss that out in the spirit of transparancy as I'm not objective and actually downright biased towards our tacos!~)
I know what you mean about what to do with a used taco; more people are doing a lot of home shopping and running a home business, but there's not a lot of things a taco is good for outside of making a box better (trust me, I've tried to think of things!~)
I over here in the U.S. so I don't have a good idea about what things cost over there, but I think a set of tacos is less than what you pay for some boxes and all that jazz; we try to keep prices low so people are more inclined to give them a try because it's not like they are going to save your life.
Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the review and your honesty on things as we do need to know what people think about our tacos. Have fun. chris.

10:14 PM


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