Thursday, July 10, 2008

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JML VacPack Review

How Much: £9.99-£14.99
Where can I buy one: JML

Doctor Who may be over, but it seems The Doctors’ TARDIS technology may be creeping in to our modern day technology after all. Take the VacPack, which on paper defies logic. You fill it with clothes and by some miracle it is able to reduce the space they take up by anything from 50-75%, saving you space and making moving house easier.

In essence all the VacPack is, is a giant plastic sheet, but it’s the vacuum seal that makes it special. After you’ve popped all your clothes in you pop any vacuum on the end of it (no adaptor required) and it sucks all of the air out of the bag. A strong seal by the entrance ensures no air escapes and during little over a minute you watch in awe as your clothes magically shrink down in to nothingness.

To test this out we put two sleeping bags, five cushions and one throw in to our bag resulting in the below giant bundle:

Everything packed it (and probably room for a few more items) we popped the vaccum on the end and were pleased to see we didn’t even need to close any clasps or fiddle with anything. We had a false start initially where we failed to seal the bag correctly but after that we saw our cushions and co get smaller and smaller.

Everything packed away neatly we could then fold the bag up, or slide in under the bed to save on lots of space. Of course not content with recently breaking my Xbox 360 the first thing my cat Pepper attempted to do was sink his claws in to the VacPack in an effort to break the seal and bring air rushing in. We stopped him after he’d given it a few stabs and are pleased to report it still seemed to work effectively.

Our only other concern was whether the items in the VacPack would have the same effectiveness after being squashed down. So we pulled out the cushions and as the air returned to them they retained all of their springiness they had before we placed them in. Likewise the sleeping bag was equally as soft, if a little creased from the journey it had taken.

As a holiday travel tool, or a storage solution the VacPack definitely does the trick. Just like the TARDIS it looks small on the outside but once you open it up you’ll find it’s definitely bigger on the inside.

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Do they store tools?

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