Friday, July 25, 2008

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JML StickUp Bulb

Where can I buy one: JML Direct
Contains “Advanced Krypton technology” so claims the box for the JML StickUp Bulb. Someone had better warn Superman (and Superdog for that matter) because it looks like these will be popping up in JML outlets all over the country, and I’d hate for him to stumble in to a dark airing cupboard and turn one on.

Superhero allergies aside the JML StickUp Bulb is quite a handy tool for any dark space, that you need to light without the need for any fancy wiring or connecting. Perfect for the DIY-o-phobe amongst us, and for those of us in rented property. The bulb runs on 4 AA batteries and to connect it you simply peel off an adhesive sticker and push it in to place. The hold of it is fine, and ours has yet to fall from its perch.

JML recommends the tool for closets, cupboards, sheds, basements, attics, caravans and camping but we’ve actually come up with a solution of our own. Having moved from the bright city lights of Birmingham to the peaceful dales of Shifnal our room is no longer filled with the perpetual twilight of streetlamps and M6 foglights. Thus we found ourselves in a much darker room that we were accustomed to.

We had no qualms with sleeping in this of course, or any need for a nightlight, but trips to the toilet in a pitch black hall threatened to become something of a mad fumble, possibly down our nearby stairwell. So we took the JML StickUp Bulb and stuck in to the wall near our bed, knowing we could turn it on in an instance to light the way to our toilet and back.

To make our life even easier, the bulb slots in to a holster so you can actually take it out and carry it around with you whenever you need a bit of light. This makes the toilet run an ideal candidate as you can even light your way in there without having to put the ‘big light’ on and blind your sleep ridden eyes.

And that just about wraps it up really, the title says it all, although the last feature of note is that there’s a pull tag to turn it on so you don’t even have to fumble around for a light switch in the dark. You grab the rope/tag, give it a brief tug and you’re done. How bright is that?

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