Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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Free stuff for July 2008

This months quick and easy round up of ten products you can grab for nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse. Further proof that companies want you to have something for nothing. All offers correct at time of going to press.

Publish a book for free
So you’ve always fancied writing a book but are worried it will take ages to find an agent? Or you simply want to publish something for yourself and a few family members without paying hundreds of pounds for a self publishing option? Lulu strips away these concerns by giving you free self publishing and listing anything you write on their store directly. They take a small cut, you point people to your store and your book is officially out there.

Free alternates to Microsoft Office
Although I had heard of Open Office I have also recently been introduced to Zoho Office and Google Docs thanks to an article at SubHub. Take a look if you feel like saving yourself anywhere from £80 to £200.

Glamour magazine free gifts/ giveaways
Every month Marie gets Glamour magazine through her door is another month when I think her £10 subscription was an absolute bargain. So far she has received £30 of gifts for signing up, free vouchers in every issue, a free £10 lip gloss, and an offer for something free every day at Glamour.com. Oh and she’s only been signed up for 3 months… what else is to come?

Free Cosmetics
Of course if you don’t want to spend £10 in the first place you can always find free cosmetics on the web. This months unlikely due of free products are
L'Oreal Haircare/ styling and a Bodyform Sample Pack.

Free Wildlife fun book
Quick simple one here for kids. The RSPB is offering a free funbook of birds by clicking here

UK Competitions
What better way to embrace freebies than a website designed to keep track of every competition in the UK. UK Competitions.com does exactly that and given that everything these days has an online form you won’t even have to waste a postcard. Good Luck!

40 Free Digital photos
Their free offer seems to change on a monthly basis, but this month Photobox are offering 40 free digital photo prints at Photobox.co.uk. Login, upload your photos, get the freebies and enjoy memories without the excessive overhead.

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