Monday, July 28, 2008

Why not download our free ebook (originally £8.99) "How to get anything for free!" right here for free

Book 1 Out Now! Full Details...

I've spent the last two years convincing companies to give me over 300 products for free. Now for the first time I reveal my secrets.

With over 200 pages of tips. and lessons on how anyone can get started, this should be the first port of call for anyone looking to get something for nothing.

My technique is based around the "unique offer", something we can all offer a company to convince them to give us a product for free. Whether it be starting a book club, putting a poster in your window, filming a video of a product, emailing your friends about a product or simply word of mouth I will empower you to find your own unique offer.

Rather than a blow by blow breakdown for each scenario (e.g how to get served in a pub, how to get out of a sticky situation etc) that quickly become dated or resort to farce, I offer a consistent method that anyone can use now and forever. Companies want you to have stuff for free, this book will show you why.

Work for a marketing department? You should read this too:
Want to know the benefits of giving your product away? Want to know how to beat your competition in a original way, improve brand loyalty and word of mouth marketing? This book will show you how.

Curious about what I've got for free?
Alongside this I review many of the odd products to be sent my way, to show what you can achieve, and to show several products you've never heard of. That's not to mention the abusive press interviews, the critics who write false reviews and the villains and sidekicks that rule this world.

So if you've ever wondered how people get something for nothing, or simply fancy reading a tale of my journey in to this strange world then why not pick up a copy?

Read more on Book 1 Out Now! Full Details...:

Like that article? Download our free ebook (Was £8.99) "How to get anything for free!" here


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