Sunday, June 01, 2008

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Free Offers for June 2008

FREEI wanted to start Season 2 with some generous free products for those of you who have waited so patiently for our return. So I decided the best way to-do this was to browse the Internet for another collection of freebies you can get for just a few clicks and very little effort. As always this information was correct at the time of publishing this article and we take no responsibility for the content on other peoples sites (even if it is free stuff).

Free Magazine Subscriptions and Goodies
Don’t you hate it when you buy a magazine and see a fantastic subscriber offer, only to find all the goodies have already been poached? Well Mag details all the free trials, special subscription prices and free product offers out there before they make it in to the mags. You’ll always save money on the cover price and in most cases the free gifts you receive will be more than double the cost of subscription.

Free Cinema Viewings
I’ve mentioned Momentum before and have this week spotted Showcase Cinemas are also offering free screenings and other benefits for all new members. Sign up for free and save yourself a tenner every week on a new movie.

Free Cosmetics
Alternating between huge prize draws (King of Shaves are offering 3000 free razors) to mass free sample mailouts (Nivea anti wrinkle cream) almost every cosmetic brand gives a free sample away at some point. Bookmark your favorite brands, check back once a week and you’ll be sure to find a whole host of free samples.

Free Marketing Advice
Although not as instantly appealing as the other products here, Marketing Sherpa could very well be the best bit of free information you hear for your day job. Every day they carry out an independent study or report on the best ways to market, promote your business, and generally sell stuff, with 7 days of free access. A years subscription costs over £200 but if you make sure to go back once a week you can see it all for free and use your new found knowledge to get that promotion you dreamed of.

Free T-Shirt or Hat
Who knows if they’ll honor this one, but Banana Hockey are offering a free T-Shirt or hat to everyone that registers interest in their forthcoming website. The country option includes the UK so why not give it a go?

Free Shopping
Voucher site Tesco 1 has probably saved me £100 on my shopping bill over the last few months and all through absolutely no effort on my part. Do your usual online Tesco shop, drop in one of these codes and save anywhere between £5-£10 on every shop. New codes are added frequently with one usually there for each weekly shop.

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