Monday, June 02, 2008

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Big 'ol box of pies

Product Number: 228-229

Sometimes companies don't do things by halves and rather than sending just the one sample they decide to clear the warehouse, get rid of all their old stock and bombard you with an obscene amount of free samples. It happened before with Phileas Fogg crisps (although then the reasons were more obvious given that the samples we received were out of date) and happened again today with this bumper box of food:

In this instance a box of 48 Chicken and Mushroom pies seemed like a cause for happiness which is why on opening up the box we were a little surprised to see:

26 Packets of new Walkers Sensations Szechuan Spice, something totally different. Slightly gutted by the lack of pies I embraced the near enough one month supply and started to chow down. Crisps were shared around the office and the general consensus seemed to be that the crisps had a nice light spice without being overwhelming. Initial bites provided brief spicy interludes and continued munching caused the spice to build up leading to a fuller flavor.

I've always been a little curious on Walkers' flavor selection. Do they mess around with flavors in their lab and then pick the closest one to their mysterious result? Or do they carefully take essences from the real flavor and feed them in. Do barbecue sauce crisps really taste like barbecue or merely a days experiment in the lab which produced an obscure new flavor that could only be described in that way?

In any case Szechuan Spice is an obscure enough flavor to indicate a degree of pre-meditated flavor planning and the crisps seem the better for it. If you like crisps with a bit of a zing then give them a try.

KitKat Senses
Ever had the feeling of food deja vu? That notion that you've tried something before but you can't quite place where? Well KitKat Sensations will give you that exact same feeling if you've ever tried Mars Delight. Which itself was a copy of Kinder Bueno so Kit Kat Senses feel like a mix between the two.

For those who haven't tried any of these variants you find a wafer center and a soft praline filling inside the wafer. The chocolate and wafer parts are the same as a traditional Kit Kat Chunky and so it falls on the filling to differentiate the product which it does do well.

It's by no means a taste innovation but there are slight differences between the three products when put side by side. Kit Kat Senses is easier to bite in to than a Mars Delight, and the wafer doesn't explode on biting as can occur with a Kinder Bueno. They're also only 165 calories which is a bit of a winner. If you are already a fan of the Kit Kat chocolate taste then this will emerge as the winner, otherwise give all three a try and take your pick.

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