Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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The Procrastinator 2008 Review

Procrastinator 2008
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If you've never had a page-a-day calendar then you're really missing out on a daily dose of entertainment. Remember the fun you had opening advent calendars as a child? Well page-a-day calendars keep that fun going for a whole year and aside from merging Saturday and Sunday in to a single day they do a good job of finding a way to show you something new.

In the past there has been everything from cat-a-day to word-a-day to comic-a-day calendars and the list and sheer variety keeps growing. Aside from maybe a crossword-a-day calendar it's hard to find one quite as distracting as the Procrastinator 2008. Based on the Procrastinator notepad, it includes over 300 pages of “choices, scribbles, lists, decisions and other nonsense” designed to keep you occupied throughout the day.

A typical page could include anything from a doodle pad, a 'which is better' question, a join the dots, a list of preferences and a theater poster for you to draw. All of these are open to you, and the join the dots and theater poster have no pre set structure so you can pretty much draw what you like. This gives you the freedom to take on each item for minutes a piece and take a bit of time from your day

My birthday (27th July, cards welcome) for example features:

A top three list
A maze
A name plate
A sad word to use in conversation today
A fact
A “sporting change” doodle
A top 10 list of drinks for me to rate
A doodle box with random shapes

Giving me every opportunity to explore my imagination within each of the prompts on offer. It would have been easy for the calendar to simply include blank boxes for doodling but thanks to short written statements you are triggered in to action. Likewise the list of 10 drinks gives me a basis to work from and simply asks for my scores.

Other days are as varied and you never quite know what list or doodle you'll be tasked with next. Every so often a new game type is introduced and this further increases the fun to be had.

The Procrastinator 2008, is an aptly named calendar offering great variety. Never has throw-away fun been this throw away, after all once you're done you just tear off the page, and enjoy what the next day may bring.

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