Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Balanzza Review - Digital Luggage Scale

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My favorite part of the Balanzza instruction leaflet reads “the Balanzza does not increase your strength or decreases the weight of the object”. Aside from the obvious typo it's a good warning for this digital luggage scale as it's the first thing everyone will do when using it.

The scales are designed to weigh your luggage so you can accurately see in Lbs or Kgs whether you are going to exceed weight requirements on your travels. Designed to help you beat the system, the read out gives you all the ammunition you need to go back, repack and make sure you avoid any nasty charges. A good concept I'm sure you'll agree.

In terms of the weighing process the Balanzza consists of a strap which you clip around the top of your luggage and a handle which you pull in order to gague an accurate reading. As the earlier warning states, this leads to an overriding temptation to try and attempt to lift your luggage off the floor using the device, which is likely to end badly for both you and the device.

Stupid urges aside, it's actually a very good device for traditional suitcases and big bags. Anything that is weighed down, it'll give you an accurate reading so long as you can loop the handle through something. However, if you try to attempt to weigh something like a backpack or a lighter item, it will inevitably pull it off the floor as you pull on the handle. This makes for a less accurate reading, and further spurs on the urge to try and hold something in mid air.

There's been some thought in to the device, and rather than having to bend you head down to check the read out, a handy beep lets you know when the reading is complete. You can then remove the device and check without having to weigh and check the weight at the same time. Other than that it's a very simplistic tool that anyone can get their head around in a matter of seconds.

Aside from luggage I suppose you could also use the device to weigh shopping bags, bin bags, or anything else that looks heavy (so long as it has a hoop). It goes up to 100lbs or 44Kg so there's plenty of potential. Could be a nice way to check you can actually lift something, or a handy tool for those who have difficulty carrying heavier items. So grab one, weigh your luggage and then decide what you could possibly unpack.

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Anonymous Digital Scales Fan said...

I've recently written about the digital scales. I always thought it was fine to weight my baggage at home on the bathroom scales but it wasn't until I went on holiday recently and it struck me that there aren't any there. I've since purchased this bad boy and am hoping it will keep my holidays cheap.

6:34 PM


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