Friday, January 18, 2008

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Tonic T-Shirts

Product Number: 223-224
Price: £16
Where Can I Buy One: Tonic T

Back when the .com boom happened most of the sites that went down the plug hole where barely missed, but there's always been one site which I feel had the right idea and should still be around today. The name escapes me, but it was a UK clothing site where you could create a virtual you, this figure would embody your height, weight, and all the dimensions you cared to enter. Then as you browsed the site you could pop clothes on your virtual you and see how they would look. A genius idea yet one I've never seen replicated on any other clothing site, as without it I have no idea how you can tell whether something will fit online.

Given my streamlined build (e.g: skinny) this is a concern of mine given that a small T-Shirt can from some places still replicate a tent. Whether it be at a music gig, or an online store if you can't see the T-Shirt first you never quite know whether small, medium or large will do... So when Tonic T-Shirts offered to send over a T-Shirt for me to review I had no idea what size to ask for. I opted for small expecting a bloated baggy T and was pleasantly surprised to find it fitted like a glove.

Not too tight to restrict movement and not too baggy to look stupid in, it was a nice fit for my frame so in that respect everything was spot on. It certainly improved my overall opinion of Internet shopping, and they do list chest sizes on all their T's so you can get a better idea before you buy if it'll fit well.

Given that the company was set up by two graphic designers it's no surprise to also find that each of the T's have unqiue designs and the two we received came with great pictures and slogans. The first pictures a mass of hair and the slogan “Hasselhoff Hair Design” whilst the other features Kathy from Eastenders and the slogan “Breathfast at Kathy's”. Possible copyright infringement? Who cares when the shirts rock this much.

On the plus side of things Tonic also spread the eco love by staying away from sweatshops and keeping all their workers in sanitary well lit conditions. They're organic too which means the fashion equivalent of Jamie Oliver won't have to gas anyone to prove a point. The full ethical statement is here so give it a look if you fancy it.

They may not have a virtual me, but their ethical practices are a nice step in the right direction and their photoshop skills produce some great results. Have a browse and if you see what you like you're just a chest measurement away from knowing it'll fit you to a T(Shirt).

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