Thursday, May 01, 2008

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Procrastinator 2008

Product Number: 227
How Much:£9.99
Where can I get one:

If you've never had a page-a-day calendar then you're really missing out on a daily dose of entertainment. Remember the fun you had opening advent calendars as a child? Well page-a-day calendars keep that fun going for a whole year and aside from merging Saturday and Sunday in to a single day they do a good job of finding a way to show you something new.

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Puzzle Quest Mobile
Product Number: 226

It's amazing the journey some games take. How they can go from a little known titles to something that is soon available on most major platforms merely by word of mouth. Puzzle Quest is one game that has taken such a journey traversing its way from DS to PSP, 360 to Wii and now to mobile. Not bad for a game no one had heard of 12 months ago. And especially not bad for a niche puzzle RPG.

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Product Number: 225

My favorite part of the Balanzza instruction leaflet reads “the Balanzza does not increase your strength or decreases the weight of the object”. Aside from the obvious typo it's a good warning for this digital luggage scale as it's the first thing everyone will do when using it.

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Tonic T Shirts

Product Number: 223-224
Price: £16
Where Can I Buy One: Tonic T

Back when the .com boom happened most of the sites that went down the plug hole where barely missed, but there's always been one site which I feel had the right idea and should still be around today. The name escapes me, but it was a UK clothing site where you could create a virtual you, this figure would embody your height, weight, and all the dimensions you cared to enter. Then as you browsed the site you could pop clothes on your virtual you and see how they would look. A genius idea yet one I've never seen replicated on any other clothing site, as without it I have no idea how you can tell whether something will fit online.

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