Monday, December 03, 2007

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Blagging Christmas: Christmas Tree and Stand

Product Number: 214
Price: £54.24
Where Can I Buy One: Turf and

Knowing that my attempt to blag Christmas would be worthless without a tree I searched far and wide to find a company willing to supply me with one. After twenty no replies and one which essentially said ‘we only provide trees to paying customers so naff off’, I found Turf and Now rather than ridicule me for being cheeky, instead they said I had the nerve of a true Scotsman and was more than worthy of one of their Scottish trees and stands.

6ft Nordmann Tree
Proving that you can buy anything over the Internet then, was the tree itself. Now as you’d imagine buying over the net means you lose the opportunity to check the quality of the tree and you also run the risk of it getting damaged as it makes its journey through the postal system. To my surprise these two factors were not as much of as issue as I had thought and a seven day money back guarantee pretty much covers you in case the postal service mess up completely.

In terms of packaging the tree arrived covered in netting to save any messy needles working their way across my front room. Moving the tree from my hall to my front room was also remarkably easy and no needles were lost along the way. I was also pleased to not get smacked in the face by any stray branches as everything stayed nice and tight within the netting.

Cinco “7” Water Holding Stand
As I’ve never had a real tree before, and thus had no stand to put the tree in, I was relieved to see Turf and Stuff also sell stands, and in this case had provided one too. The Cinco stand holds up to a “7” foot tree and again was easy to set up and install. You pop the stand on the floor, screw in a few bits and pieces, plop the tree in and then tighten the screws until the tree is firm.

As you can see by these pictures our cats took a shine to the tree and I am pleased to report the tree is still standing firm thanks to the Cinco stand. At first we did find the tree looked a little wonky, and this was down to not putting it in to the stand straight in the first place. The screws themselves are easy to pop in and tighten, and it’s a simple procedure all around.

Once up, we simply pulled the netting from the tree to revel its naked form and the job was done. Well I then realised how wide the tree actually was and had to rearrange the furniture, but in terms of actually setting it up everything was made easy. The Turf and Stuff team have asked me to post in the comments how the tree fares up over the coming weeks (which must mean they’re pretty confident), and a few of my colleagues have asked if the tree will last up until Christmas so I will keep you informed.

Whilst Turf and Stuff may have felt I was the true Scotsman, it takes a strong nerve to be a company that is willing to give away perfectly good product for free to someone they have never met. It takes pride and a real confidence in the product itself (because lets face it, it could have been a terrible product and got ripped to pieces) and therefore for a company that believes in what they sell give them a visit.

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