Saturday, December 01, 2007

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Blagging Christmas: 10 Free Things You Can Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas is an expensive enough time, so any ways to cut the cost are pure lifesavers. So to help aid you in your Christmas budgeting here are ten easy gifts you can get including perfume, food, a T-Shirt, movies, kitchen stuff and more.

Perfume Gift Set
Ever seen those gift sets that Boots do where you get a few tiny bottles of aftershave or perfume and pay thirty notes for the privilege? Do away with them and instead source your own samples for free, find a box to store them in and you’ve got something every bit as useful. You can find samples from any good perfume place (and ask for the small bottles not the paper samples) or by visiting the very useful blog Perfume

Makeup / Cosmetic Samples
The same goes for Clinique samples and any other designer stand you see in a department store. Um and ah a bit when looking at the products, say you’re unsure whether product A is better than product B and ask for a sample. Do this at enough places enough times and you’ve got your own starter pack for any product range you wish. Similarly these stand also have great free gift sets when you buy yourself something that look like very good gifts in their own right (generally they can look like they cost between £20 and £50 even when you only spent twenty or so pounds on the initial products to get the free gift)

Kitten/ Puppy Packs
If you’ve got kittens or puppies and fancy a nice treat for them for Christmas, or know anyone that will be getting a bundle of joy on the big day then why not give them a free care pack? Whiskas do one with free food and various vouchers here and Puppy Freebies lists various sites for puppy free stuff here.

Get a friend to do the work
A couple of free things here, and all they require is for a friend to shell out some cash. For the first one you can get 10 free arcade games for your Xbox 360 by persuading a friend to buy one too here. Sky have also come up with a new refer a friend deal where you can blag yourself and a mate a Sky + box worth £99.99 at

Free DVD’s
Free DVD is a quick and easy way to get a DVD for a little typing work. Sign up, fill in a questionnaire and you’ll get a free DVD in the post. Fill in another questionnaire and you’ll get another DVD and so on. Choices are a bit random but from Yogalates DVD’s to Batman cartoons and action blockbusters like X-Men 2 you should find something for all of the family.

Free Magazine Subscription
Got a builder, architect or specifier in the family? Tanner Stiles Publishing lists a number of free magazines that won’t cost you a penny. There a ton more in all sorts of industries at Freebie

Free Kitchen Stuff
Jot down your name, email and address and get a free kitchen accessory at Smart Micro Choose to opt out of the email newsletter and you’ll never have to hear from them again.

Free Food
Food Freebies is a site after my own heart with numerous restaurant vouchers, supermarket deals, competitions and free food samples for you to savour.

Free T-Shirt
Help out the RSPCA and get yourself a free T-Shirt at . Call the number and answer a short survey to get a free T-Shirt mailed out to you. A nice gift you can wear with pride.

Free Cinema
Other than Orange Wednesdays there’s also the option of getting a completely free cinema day out. Join the Momentum Screenings Club to get notified of free local screenings and you’ll even get to see the movies before your mates. See Film is also a good example.

All offers are correct as of 29th November 2007 and here’s hoping these offers remain open for many months to come. If you find this useful please pass it on to a friend as it is the season for giving after all, and post your own free finds in the comments sections.

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