Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Alternate Christmas Gifts Part One

Christmas is coming and you still can’t find a present for that one annoying person who is really picky? Well help is at hand. This week I’ll be rounding up the rest of the gifts I have recieved this year to help give you some inspiration. As always they’re as random as ever including a USB Humping Dog, a book on England and the latest Gillette Fusion.

USB Humping Dog,
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First up then has to be this rather amorous looking dog that was provided by the folks at As you’ll notice he has a rather large usb dongle in between his legs and this is for popping our little friend in to the usb socket on your PC. As soon as this is done he’ll start humping away up and down in what can only be described as a ‘frantic’ action until you unplug the little blighter.

Heck he’s so keen that you don’t even have to push the usb all the way in, as soon as he makes any contact, he can’t control his excitement and will start gyrating his doggy groin up and down. The back of the box says not to leave him in for more than an hour, but it must be said he keeps up an impressive pace no matter how long you leave him in. The only downsides are that there’s no extra port in the dog so you can’t plug anything else in the port (although I have no doubt a future iteration will appear with a USB slot in the dogs' backside…) and you can’t pop him in usb ports that are on their side (eg any on a mac or keyboard) because of his shape. Still if you can find a rectangular USB port and fancy a cheap stocking filler it promises a good laugh or two.

More From Unmitigated England
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Sometimes I let book reviews fall through my finger tips because I know I won’t have time to read the book and do it justice. Thankfully “More From Unmitigated England’ tells you more in a few pages of pictures than most novels tell you in 100 pages. Full of brilliant colour illustrations, adverts and photos it tells a fantastic journey through some of the most quintessential British pastimes and icons.

Cricket, post boxes, castles, Bisto, H.P Sauce and Burtons Bitter all feature as Peter Ashley takes us through some of his favourites with plenty of others along the way for you to savour. Although perhaps too young to recognise many of the iconic brands and places I still got a kick from learning more about my heritage and home country. A fantastic gift for anyone with an eye for nostalgia, and the whole thing is beautifully presented throughout.

Gillette Fusion Stealth

Although not much of an ‘alternate gift’ (because you can buy them everywhere) this will still make a nice present for anyone looking to upgrade from an old Gillette or WIlkinsons razor. For me this is a step up from the Gillette Fusion razor I currently has as it comes battery charged. What this means is the unit vibrates slightly as you shave, similar to a ‘pulsar’ toothbrush.

It doesn't make a radical difference when shaving, although once finished I did notice my stubble felt softer than when using the standard manual version. You can’t go quite as gung ho as you can with full electric razors because these are still pretty sharp blades so you’ll have to slow down a little if moving from one of these but other than that it’s a good alternate when travelling or in need of a smaller, sharper companion.

The gift set also includes a four pack or razors and some shaving gel (if you were hoping we wouldn’t end the year without featuring one more shaving gel then here it is!) which was specially made for tough beards. Oh and a carry case to keep it all together too.

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