Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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Onion Goggles

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I’ve covered a fair few interesting kitchen tools over the years such as the Alligator Onion Chopper, Mango Peeler and the Mini Max Mill. However none of those accessories have come with the added bonus of becoming a small fashion accessory in their own right. Onion Goggles on the other hand are designed not only to aid with a familiar task but also to make a fashion statement.

The reality of course is a pair of sunglasses that make you look like you’d be more in place skiing down the Alps, or playing squash, than you would chopping onions. The goggles are fashioned with a green tint around them, clear lenses and a white plastic frame to offset the whole thing. In addition to this there’s a fair bit of padding on the inside of the goggles, which is designed to keep out vapours from onions.

Because the padding is fairly soft it will squeeze and confine to the contours of various nose sizes so the goggles fit fairly snugly on most face shapes. By comparison the sides of the goggles which go over your ears are rather rigid and only have a little bit of give on either size. This restricts the heads that can wear the goggles and if you find you’ve got a head the shape of an onion then you may find the goggles are a little tight.

If you can fit the goggles over your head, and avoid the fashion faux pas of lime green then you will find yourself tear free whenever you go to chop onions. I’ve tried the goggles out on everything from traditional onions, to red onions to shallots and every time my eyes failed to shed a tear. That’s not to say that you won’t still smell the onion, and sometimes the smell itself may attempt to force a tear out of you, but without the vapour going in to your eyes you’ll be able to keep the tears at bay.

If for some reason you decide to leave the goggles on whilst standing over bubbling, steaming pans the goggles have the added bonus of including anti-fog lenses. This stops the goggles from steaming up and keeps you free to return to your onions.

So if you’re someone that finds chopping onions a nightmare this could be the solution. Give them a go and you never know, another kitchen chore may be made slightly easier.

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