Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Blagging Christmas: Deluxe Golden Tower Hamper

Product Number: 213
Price: £39.99
Where can I buy one: Hamper Gifts

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a hamper, so when this smashing tower arrived I knew I was a step closer to my goal of blagging the holiday. Containing eight layers of goodness the tower is a chocolately delight, as well as including a small dose of festive cheer in the form of a fruit cake and even a small little teddy bear.

The tower comprises of shoe boxes each getting smaller as they work their way up to the top. There’s a golden bow tying it all together and the whole thing is well packaged in a cardboard box with plenty of padding. On arrival there were no dents, or damage to any of the shoe boxes, giving you piece of mind if sending from the Hamper Gifts website, and still looking nice enough out of the box if you want to hand it directly to a loved one.

Working your way down the hamper the first layer contains a solo chocolate which in our case was a hazelnut chocolate in green wrapping. Coming in a nutty dark chocolate shell with a soft filling and a small hazelnut in the centre it was a delight. Shame there was only the one but there’s plenty more layers to enjoy.

The second layer contains three small Lindt chocolates with a dark, milk and white chocolate to sample. As usual for Lindt they have the melt in the mouth sickliness that you’ll be used to. There’s only three so don’t buy the tower expecting Lindt to be a prime component but they still represent a rather small dose of chocolate joy, so lets investigate further down…

As the boxes get bigger you’ll encounter seven chocolate caramels and twelve chocolate cherry truffles. Both are light without been overly sweet, and the caramel is quite hard so it won’t run all over the place, but that’s not to say it is too hard to chew either.

Layer five mixes things up a bit by throwing in Zentis Chocolate Marzipans, twelve in total. As with Lindt it’s nice to see a different brand slipping in to the tower, so you don’t come away with a feeling of eating a non name brand throughout. These long bars will satisfy anyone looking for something a little different and the marzipan has a nice sweet center.

Adding to the festive flavour is layer six complete with a free teddy bear and luxury fruit cake. The bear comes with poseable legs and arms, and a little bow tie. A cute addition really and something someone in the family will be able to enjoy no matter who you give the gift too. As for the cake it’s a good mix of cherries and sultanas, although it’s a little dry so cream or flaming alcohol is advised.

Reaching the bottom we hit a layer of sugar cookies and chocolate liquers. The cookies are a nice bit of padding and go well with a glass of milk whilst the liquers aren’t overly alcoholic and don’t ooze everywhere when you bite in to them so they’re perfect for sharing round the adults in the room.

The Deluxe Golden Tower is a good collection of different brands, tastes and styles. Whilst it doesn’t represent fantastic value, the presentation is well handled and the selection of offer should put you in any chocoholics good books for the next year and beyond.

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