Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Blagging Christmas: Cosmetics

Product Number: 210-212

Whether it be looking good or protecting yourself from the harsh cold there’s a need for cosmetics for both men and women in the harsh winter months. So to help aid those looking for some great cosmetics over the festive season here’s a couple I managed to blag.

Skin MD Natural: Shielding Lotion
It’s not very often we get something sent from the United States, in fact it’s never happened before, but when Skin MD got in touch to ask us to review their skin care range they were more than willing to send their goods half way across the Atlantic in to our hands for testing. Which on the one hand is a bit of an endorsement in itself, as they were willing to take the time and money to ship something that far.

So with full marks for effort it was only fair we gave the lotion a full test. Although I love Christmas I’ve never been a fan of the chapped hands that come with it. Especially given the amount I tap away at my keyboard I usually get chapped knuckles and have in the past given Johnson and Johnson and E45 Skin care products a regular lathering to help ease the redness.

By comparison the Skin MD Shielding Lotion isn’t quite as thick, and therefore lacks the same consistency as its peers. A little does however go a long way, and you still need to put on roughly the same amount as with E45 in order to see results. It just means you’ll have to rub it in a little bit more, and that you’ll have to make sure you don’t squeeze the bottle too hard or you’ll wind up with enough to cover your entire face, hands and body.

Whilst testing I found the lotion was quite effective at protecting my hands from the cold. As will all lotions of this type it washes off easily, which is a shame because any time you wash your hands under warm water you’re likely to find your knuckles chapping all over again. Unlike other lotions, the cream is quickly absorbed in to your skin, so at least you won’t feel the need to wash your hands just to remove any excess lotion.

As a side note the lotion also comes in small pocket sized pouches, which offer 3-5 applications each. Great if you want something to leave on your desk and apply throughout the day, bad if you actually want something you can carry in your pocket as once you open it there’s no way to reseal it.

For more on skin MD visit Skin MD in the US or in the UK.

Prescriptives Here to Stay
Buying cosmetics for your other half can always be a bit of a dangerous task. Buy the wrong colour and you face giving something she can never wear, or buy something too cheap and you run the risk of turning her face purple. Well maybe not, but at least with Prescriptives she’ll know you spent a fair bit (therefore taking it from impulse stocking filler to full blown present) and even if she hates the colour she’ll probably give it a go regardless. Kudos all around then.

In this case Prescriptives provided their 24 hour mascara which colour wise you can’t really go wrong with. It comes in a strong black colour, complete with the best looking applicator you’re every likely to see. A nice sleek tube it’s sure to earn your other half some kudos herself when she applies it at the Christmas do, or even meeting the inlaws for the first time.

To help her party all night long it’s supposed to last 24 hours, and as Marie found in her test this consisted of about 8 hours of flawless coverage and then 16 hours with the colour fading slightly across the time period. You’ll still look like you have Mascara on but it won’t be quite as good as the first 8 hours its on for. It’s also waterproof, giving you more chance of surviving the night and you can pop it over other mascara to make that waterproof too.

Here to Stay Mascara retails for around £16 and is available from all good cosmetics counters.

Prescriptives Better Off
Continuing the great naming convention is the Better Off makeup remover also from Prescriptives. Again it comes in a great bottle which will add value to your medicine counter even if you decide never to actually open it up. It’s quite a big bottle too and although we can’t predict how long it will last, it’s a similar consistency to other removers so you’re looking at a like for like life span.

Whilst it may seem an odd concept to pay for high end make up remover (after all you care about looking good with the makeup on , who really cares who sees you after?) the main benefit is that it lacks the greasy after feel of other removers so you’ll go to bed with your skin feeling fresh and revived. This isn’t a rule of thumb with all high end removers (Clinique’s remover especially feels greasy on application) but in this case you’ll feel the benefits.

Other than that it’s pretty much what you’d expect, but don’t forget gentlemen of the audience, that this is a prefect gift opportunity to tell your other half that you love what’s behind the makeup as much as what’s in front. And the kudos from that may last you till next Christmas.

Better Off Make Up Remover retails for £14 and is available from the same good cosmetics counters as the mascara.

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Mike, Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated. and I/m glad you found it useful. Of course it is only the sample packs that come in those little sachets :)

Skin MD Natural

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