Monday, September 24, 2007

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Blagman in the Wild

Product Numbers: 195-197

Not all of the goodies I review on the site are sent in by kind minded companies, and thus I’m sometimes forced to go out in to the world and find things for free. In the past this has led me to the Spring Fair and Toy Fair, where all manner of weird, odd, crude, and unusual products have come my way. So it’s once again time to celebrate the free samples that can only be found out in the wild….

The Dolls House Emporium

Not only does this doll look unnervingly creepy it also comes with a warning message that claims it is only “for adult collectors. Not suitable for children under 14 years”. Taking a shape and bearing a face the most like Miss Piggy from the Muppets you’ll ever see in doll form, this doll comes in at just taller than a finger making her the perfect size for most dolls houses. She’s a little taller than Sylvanian Families, but you’d have to be mad to corrupt their world with dolls like these.

As for clothing it’s all well made, and the long blonde hair at the back of the figure only adds to the realism. Heck the main reason the doll is so creepy to begin with is because it’s so lifelike, and therefore if you are looking to construct a dolls house you may as well look these figures up, as they will only add to the authenticity of the home inside your home.

The Simpsons Movie Badge Pack

It wouldn’t be something to do with the Simpsons without a downpour of merchandise, so it’s with no surprise that the Simpsons Movie has had a tsunami of books, toys, lunchboxes and other assorted tat around every corner. Well for those of you who either a) collect badges or b) put badges on your backpack/ man bag/ punk bag it’s good to see Matt Groening has got you covered too.

Coming complete with four badges there’s something for everyone. There’s a Simpsons Movie logo for the movie fanatics, a deformed rat with 20 eyes for the freaks, a movie quote (“God works in annoying ways”) for those who like the show’s quick wit, and a naked Bart on a skateboard for the ladies. And that pretty much wraps it up.

Newspaper Bag
Last this week there’s the newspaper bag from The India You can buy these for 25p a pop although as you can see from the below photo things didn’t quite work out very well:

Yep the bag ripped after just a few journeys, thankfully on my car floor, rather than in the middle of a city centre, but considering I had nothing sharp in the bag that came as quite a surprise. Stick with recycled carried bags from the likes of Virgin Megastores if this looks like your kind of thing as these newspaper bags aren’t even fit to hold your fish and chips.

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