Wednesday, August 01, 2007

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Veetee Dine In Rice Taste Test

Product Number: 190
Price: £1.49
Where can I buy one: Waitrose and Sainsbury’s

Rice is just rice right? Not if it’s ‘Veetee Dine In’ rice which claims to be the first restaurant quality rice that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Of course Uncle Ben are also claiming the exact same thing in their TV adverts, and every rice under the sun would love to make the same claim so this is going to require some serious testing…

First of all I called upon the Veetee Rice itself, which arrived for the testing in both Basmati and Pilau varieties, although you can also grab them in Long Grain and Thai Jasmine if you fancy something different. In terms of packaging both came in fantastic Microwavable containers and all that’s required to prepare the perfect rice is to pop a few holes with a fork and slap it in the Microwave for 2 minutes. For those who fancy a more traditional serving you can also stir fry the rice in a mere 3 minutes, either way this is the ultimate in convenience food.

So far this is nothing new, so it comes down to the taste to help differentiate Veetee from the competition. The Basmati rice was everything you’d expect to look at yet was softer and tastier than any Microwavable rice I’ve tried before. The taste felt light yet at the same time rather filling and it’s definitely something I’d recommend to others.

To make sure this wasn’t a fluke I then sampled Uncle Ben’s Microwaveable rice and conducted my own taste test. By comparison the grains in Uncle Bens were smaller and harder to chew, whilst each mouthful in Veetee seemed to go down with ease, Uncle Ben’s rice required substantial chewing. Before using Uncle Ben’s rice I also had to squeeze the packet to remove any clumps of stuck together rice, another inconvenience that you don’t have when using Veetee as the rice is separated on arrival.

In terms of the ‘flavoursome’ Pilau, the taste was actually rather mild which was great for spicy curry’s as an on side dish but not quite as tasty as the Uncle Bens equivalent. In terms of the ‘restaurant quality’ claim I headed to a Thai restaurant to conduct a final test comparison and found that the restaurant had a slight edge with fluffier rice, that also had a fantastic smell to add to the taste, something which Veetee lacks due to its pre packed nature.

So how does Veetee compare? Well it’s certainly takeaway quality and it can hold its own against other microwaveble rice on the market, but as for whether it can hold its own against restaurants I’m not quite convinced. Whilst it is by far the best quality rice you can serve at home in a matter of minutes there’s still something to be said for eating a high quality meal at a restaurant too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have tried the Veetee Dine In Basmati Rice and I must say that its natural beauty and whiteness have given me a different opinion on Microwaveable rice.

I have tried the other companies versions and gave up using this type of rice but now I have used it four times in the last 2 weeks.

Its perfect every time. Thank you Veetee.

10:47 AM


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