Friday, August 03, 2007

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Ashleigh and Burwood London

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Whether it’s a nice scent for your holidays or a way to revitalize your home we’ve got you covered in today’s update. The generous folks at Ashleigh and Burwood have provided us with three unique and alluring products all set to give your sense of smell a trip to a new land of pleasure. So without further ado lets start the sniffing!

For those times when you need to leave the house and want to take a nice relaxing aroma with you, there’s the Aromatherapy Sensuality Travel Kit which contains six lavender candles, 2 small scented pillows, 30 incense sticks and a stand for the sticks. This all comes packed in a tiny tin making this a perfect small gift or travel companion. Not that you’ll want to keep the kit tucked away in the corner of your luggage, as the small pillows can be removed from their packaging and popped in to your clothes making them smell great on arrival.

Once at your destination you can light the incense sticks to remove any nasty smells from your room and with 25 minutes burning time for each of the 30 sticks you’ll have plenty to keep you going for even the longest of holidays. One slight flaw is that the holder for burning the sticks isn’t as stable as we’d have liked but aside from that it’s one of those things that comes under the category of ‘too nice to use’.

Similarly the Epice D’Or is the perfect dinner party gift, with an excellent presentation box and well made candle holders that are almost too good to set on fire. Thankfully there’s always the alternate use of playing candle noughts and crosses with the kit, but for those who do take the plunge and light the candles you’ll be treated to a sweet smell and even once the last drop of wax is burnt you’ll have a great box for storing other tea lights and trinkets.

Lastly there’s the Wax Essentials Fragrance Diffuser which we received with a wild country berry scent. Essentially a bottle filled with scented liquid, all you need to do is dip in some (included) thin strips of wood to the top and then watch as the liquid flows up the wood and fills the surrounding area with a nice scent. Best of all the scent is designed to last three whole months so you’ll get far more use than say a Glade plug in (the last one of which I used lasted a mere three weeks).

As the scent lasts so long it’s actually rather strong to start with and seems best if you stand a good 50 centimeters away rather than sticking your nose right in to the bottle. We tested the diffuser at the top of our landing and found the smell was able to reach down our staircase and greet us at the front door on our arrival each and every day, not bad for a small bottle of liquid and a few sticks!

Top marks for presentation, top marks for scent and top marks for everything else, if you like candles or know someone who does then give them a look.

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