Monday, July 09, 2007

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Wet Head

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Last weekend may have seen the luckiest day for one hundred years pass by with the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year but the day before was certainly not so lucky. Seizing the first sunny day in about a month I finally set about testing my latest toy freebie Wet Head, and the results were lucky for some and very unlucky for others (e.g me!).

For those who have never seen Wet Head before, it consists of a Bob the Builder style yellow helmet with a few red pegs stuck in the top. Each player then wears the hat and removes a peg before removing the hat and passing it on to the next player. The twist being that these pegs hold in place about a cup full of water, and when a particular peg is removed the water is released - through a hole in the underside of the helmet - right on to your head.

To add to the mystery, each player needs to spin the pegs around before pulling one out, which keeps things fair in a nice Russian roulette fashion. When playing the game we also added a few extra rules such as ensuring people pull out the first peg they touch after spinning. This was merely to rule out any suspicions that the ‘wet’ peg felt slightly different to the others when given a slight tug.

We also found it was best to ensure players count to five before removing the helmet, as the water drips out quite slowly, especially if players have large heads / big hair, and therefore it’s possible to remove the hat and barely get soaked. The hat does come with a strap to attach the hat to your head (presumably to ensure people don’t whip the hat off as soon as they feel the water) but this seemed to be more annoying than the five second rule so we quickly abandoned it.

In my case, my big hair definitely lead to an advantage and even when the entire water contents of the bucket had been emptied over my head, only a few drips actually made it on to my T-Shirt. Before playing the game I rather cautiously wore swimming trunks, which were definitely not required as the water failed to make its way down past my shoulders. Which was good news given that I managed to ‘lose’ four times in a row, sometimes on the first pin I pulled out...

Despite this I kept soldering on, hoping to get someone else wet for a change, because the prospect of actually getting wet isn’t as nightmarish as it may seem. Instead it's the thrill of winning and dodging the water that keeps the game interesting. Although I’d really love to see a revamped version with a far bigger water tank I’m sure some people will also enjoy the low risk factor of this model, thanks to the Russian roulette mystery element.

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