Monday, July 23, 2007

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Wax Essentials

Product Number: 184-186
Where can I buy one: (Trade) / Ashleigh-Burwood (Public)

It’s official ‘Blagmum’ is already a national treasure. With one review to her name she’s become a true star and when we approached Ashleigh & Burwood with a view to sampling some of their products they wrote back “I hope you and your family (especially Blagmum) will enjoy our products”, proving that when it comes to must have gifts Blagmum is the one everyone wants to review their kit.

So with that in mind I settled down with Blagmum and Marie to test their latest range of Wax Essentials products including candles and centrepieces. What makes this range worthy of your time? Well every product in the range is made from Palm oil which is a cleaner burning alternate to paraffin wax, and in our trials I’ve got to admit there were no nasty smoky odours when the candles were lit or extinguished.

First up we put the Centre Piece Dish to the test, because presentation really is everything. Our sample arrived in a sleek black colour which was well made and sturdy to hold. Although it’s designed for scented wax chips, you can also pop some pebbles in to it to hold in place tea tree lights, or if entertaining guests why not pop some candles in it some days and some nibbles in it the next? All in all it really makes for a nice show piece, for almost all occasions.

In terms of wax chips for the dish there’s a range of available styles, of which we received one called a ‘Thousand Rose Petals’. Given that the container had a small plastic lid which had become dislodged on its way to my house, the rose petals were in fact scattered all over the box, and even if there weren’t a thousand of them, there were certainly a lot to pick out one by one.

Poor packaging aside, the rose petals have a fantastic scent, and after I handled them I found the scent was strong enough to stay on my hands for a good minute or so. A whiff of the tub itself will further prove the quality of these chips and the rose like smell is reminiscent of rose Turkish Delight with a slight sweetness to it. The chips fit easily in to the dish and come with wicks that can be planted in to the dish to create a slow burning fragrance which is both interesting to look at with a rather faint smell. This makes it ideal for dinner parties as whilst an interesting site to behold with your meal, the smell itself won’t taint the food or distract the senses all too much.

Also enclosed in our pack were two large candle tins which lasted for 26 hours burning time each, although it’s advised they’re only burned for 3 hours at a time. This included a Sandalwood and Myrrh smell which contains a masculine scent in line with Hugo Boss aftershave (perfect for when you’re missing someone special) and an English Country Garden scent which brings the great outdoors inside for those rainy days.

All in all we found the Wax Essentials selection to be well tailored to all tastes with someone for everyone. Keep a look out for more from Ashleigh and Burwood London in the coming weeks as we examine their range of fragrance diffusers, aromatherapy kits and even an Epice D’Or. Seems our national treasure will have her work cut out!

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