Friday, July 20, 2007

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Sidekick: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

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So Blagman phones me up and asks me if I would like to review "Flatout Ultimate Carnage" on Xbox 360. My first thought was why he didn't get one of the Blagmansion butlers to phone on his behalf but that thought soon cleared when I realised I’d get to relieve some stress on what was tagged as the "most smash-tastic driving game to date".

Flatout is fun. How fun? Well imagine you are thrown into a world where you drive 1 of 48 turbo charged vehicles across 39 racetracks, each with over 8000 individual destroyable parts where you and 11 other racers are just as vulnerable as the scenery!

The main bulk of the game involves you racing round various hazard filled courses fighting for that first place trophy in the championship, and fighting is the correct word. The game rewards you for aggressive driving such as shunting, flipping and destroying other cars (don’t worry they will respawn to try for revenge!) with nitro which can be used for a handy speed boost to take that position or cause more havoc. It also rewards you in the same way for “Dukes of Hazard” style driving as you tear up tidy white picket fences and cause traffic lights to come crashing down, hopefully on your rivals collective heads.

However Flatout is not a one trick pony, there are a huge number of races and events to suit your mood. Fancy a good old’ fashioned destruction derby? That’s in there. Making folks angry on Xbox live? That’s in there too! How about launching your driver though the windscreen and down a bowling alley looking for a strike? Well that’s in there along with another 11 crazy mini games.

Graphically the game looks stunning on a HDTV set. The game runs incredibly smooth and fast no matter how much carnage you might be causing. The cars show all the smashes and scratches as you throw them around the well designed courses, which also look fantastic and if you are not careful you could get distracted and introduce your ride to many of its obstacles.

Comparing this game to the other racers in my collection draws immediate comparison with Burnout Revenge. Think of Flatout as Burnout’s crazy cousin that you don’t know that well, but would like to spend much more time with. It is definitely an arcade racer and wouldn’t be too out of place next to more serious racers such as Project Gotham Racing 3 or Forza 2.

If you're looking for an adrenaline fuelled racer with enough depth to keep you occupied for a long while or enough accessibility to hop on and off for a quick play, look no further than “Flatout Ultimate Carnage”. For more information visit

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