Thursday, December 20, 2007

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My attempt to get Christmas for free!

Blagging Christmas: Alternate Gift Guide Part Two
A Blagman’s work is never done and for this reason it’s time for my last update before Christmas and my what a bumper bag of treats this update includes. Swarovski crystals, A £200 Chess Set, toiletries, games and even some carpet all come under scrutiny today. So without further ado let’s get reviewing.

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Blagging Christmas: Alternate Gift Guide Part One
Christmas is coming and you still can’t find a present for that one annoying person who is really picky? Well help is at hand. This week I’ll be rounding up the rest of the gifts I have recieved this year to help give you some inspiration. As always they’re as random as ever including a USB Humping Dog, a book on England and the latest Gillette Fusion.

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Blagging Christmas: Christmas Tree and Stand
Product Number: 214
Price: £54.24
Where Can I Buy One: Turf and

Knowing that my attempt to blag Christmas would be worthless without a tree I searched far and wide to find a company willing to supply me with one. After twenty no replies and one which essentially said ‘we only provide trees to paying customers so naff off’, I found Turf and Now rather than ridicule me for being cheeky, instead they said I had the nerve of a true Scotsman and was more than worthy of one of their Scottish trees and stands.

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Blagging Christmas: Ten Gifts You Can Get For Free!
Christmas is an expensive enough time, so any ways to cut the cost are pure lifesavers. So to help aid you in your Christmas budgeting here are ten easy gifts you can get including perfume, food, a T-Shirt, movies, kitchen stuff and more. Sure I'm giving away a few blagging secrets but tis the season after all...

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Blagging Christmas: Deluxe Golden Tower Hamper
Product Number: 213
Price: £39.99
Where can I buy one: Hamper Gifts

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a hamper, so when this smashing tower arrived I knew I was a step closer to my goal of blagging the holiday. Containing eight layers of goodness the tower is a chocolately delight, as well as including a small dose of festive cheer in the form of a fruit cake and even a small little teddy bear.

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Blagging Christmas: Cosmetics
Product Number: 210-212

Whether it be looking good or protecting yourself from the harsh cold there’s a need for cosmetics for both men and women in the harsh winter months. So to help aid those looking for some great cosmetics over the festive season here’s a couple I managed to blag.

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Blagging Christmas: Food
Product Number: 208-209

As much as I hate the deluge of festive adverts reminding me, there is no doubt that “Christmas is coming” and it will be here before we know it. So to make my life easier I’ve decided this year to blag as much of my festive activity as I can. Whether that be cakes, presents, trees, or festive cheer it’s time to let my inner Blagman lose on the most fun of holidays: Christmas.

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Onion Goggles
Product Number: 207
Where can I buy one: Head

I’ve covered a fair few interesting kitchen tools over the years such as the Alligator Onion Chopper, Mango Peeler and the Mini Max Mill. However none of those accessories have come with the added bonus of becoming a small fashion accessory in their own right. Onion Goggles on the other hand are designed not only to aid with a familiar task but also to make a fashion statement.

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Thrillville: Off the Rails
Product Number: 206
Where can I buy:

When I first started my journey in to video games as a child I was pretty well catered for. Gentle platform heroes were the order of the day, and even if I was tempted to buy a more ‘violent’ video game the pixelated blood, and poor graphics means my fragile little mind didn’t come away warped in any way. These days platform heroes have become something of a joke, and aside from games by Nintendo I get a real feeling that kids games are becoming too childish and adult games too adult.

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Shady Beats
Product Number: 205

Synergy is a great word. It implies the bringing together of various elements in order to create something better, and ultimately more convenient. Take iFlops, the iPod charger in a teddy, which eradicated the need to worry about hugging both an iPod and a cuddly toy before going to bed. Also hoping to prove one product is better than two is Shady Beats, a sunglasses case with integrated speaker.

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Product Number: 204
Where can I buy one: JML

Ever feel like there’s something not right with the packaging you find in shops? Or simply feel like it’s trying to deceive? Well those who take a very close look at the Magnicard box will no doubt come away feeling like the box is trying to make the product look better than it is. The card itself is designed to magnify text by up to 2.5 times, and this is clearly illustrated as you can see the card at the front of the packet magnifying some text.

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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Product Number: 203
How Much: £14.99
Where can I buy one
Movie marketing is a funny thing, take Spiderman 3, all Summer long we were bombarded with posters of Spiderman face down with his dark alter ego (Venom) staring back at him. Come the actual movie and 2 hours in everyone started to wonder where on Earth the prickly tongued villian had vanished to. By comparison Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ran with posters not only showing the core four, but also with the Silver Surfer taking up an equal amount of poster space.

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Animal Tracking and Bug Hunting Kit
Product Number: 201-202
How Much: £14.99
Where can I buy one:

bug eatingAfter chomping my way through the Bug Eating Party game a while ago I felt a small sense of guilt for consuming so many little critters. So to repent from my sins it was only fair that I accepted the task of reviewing the Bug Hunting Kit so that I may be able to observe our insect friends in their native environment, or in my case my back garden.

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Blagman in the Wild
Product Numbers: 198-200

Not all of the goodies I review on the site are sent in by kind minded companies, and thus I’m sometimes forced to go out in to the world and find things for free. In the past this has led me to the Spring Fair and Toy Fair, where all manner of weird, odd, crude, and unusual products have come my way. So it’s once again time to celebrate the free samples that can only be found out in the wild….

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King of Fighters XI vs MI
Product Number: 196-197
How Much: £19.99 Each
Where can I Buy:

The debate over 2D and 3D gaming is one that has been going strong for the past ten years, and it’s something that could be talked about in length for an entire book. But none of us really have the time to read something that long (and possibly boring) so let’s sum things up in less than 500 words by taking a look at the two latest additions to the King of Fighters series, one of which is in 2D and the other in 3D.

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Shock Doctor
Product Number: 195
How Much: £14.99
Where can I buy:

Whilst the rules I put in place at the start of my Blagman quest help to maintain some sort of order and focus, there’s times they can put me in an awkward position. For example Rule #2 dictates that I must review every product I receive, however Rule #4 insists that I oversee a test of every item so as to ensure the review is fair and by no means misleading. Usually this works out fine with Myself, Marie and various sidekicks taking on various testing roles, but when I received a mouth guard for the under 10’s I had no choice but to test it myself.

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Fast Fit Ironing Board Cover
Product Number: 194
How Much: £5.99

In a perfect world there’d be a website for reviews of each type of product out there. Not just a DVD website for DVD’s and a Video Game website for video games, I’m talking a website for board games, a website for Filofaxes, a website for Pizza Makers and so on. The sad thing is a lot of these websites do from time to time pop up and they’re largely ignored, unread and quickly fall off the Internet all together. Which is why I propose a website for Ironing Board Covers to readdress the balance…

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Ashleigh-Burwood London
Product Number: 191-193
Where can I buy one: (Trade) / Ashleigh-Burwood (Public)

Whether it’s a nice scent for your holidays or a way to revitalize your home we’ve got you covered in today’s update. The generous folks at Ashleigh and Burwood have provided us with three unique and alluring products all set to give your sense of smell a trip to a new land of pleasure. So without further ado lets start the sniffing!

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Veetee Dine in Rice
Product Number: 190
Price: £1.49
Where can I buy one: Waitrose and Sainsbury’s

Rice is just rice right? Not if it’s ‘Veetee Dine In’ rice which claims to be the first restaurant quality rice that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Of course Uncle Ben are also claiming the exact same thing in their TV adverts, and every rice under the sun would love to make the same claim so this is going to require some serious testing…

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Kula Shaker: Strangefolk
Product Number: 189
Release Date: August 20th 2007
How Much: £8.99 (Amazon)
Where can I buy one:

After nearly 190 blags I’ve yet to take a venture in to the world of music. So to remedy matters I was chuffed to receive the new album from Kula Shaker which will be shaking its way in to shops on the 20th August. That’s 20 days away and more than enough time to save your pennies and put in a curious pre order. To give you some idea of what to expect, Strangefolk contains a strong mixture of styles blended together to create something new, which remains fresh and organic.

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Product Number: 188
Where can I buy one

Happy Birthday to me! Not only is it my real world birthday today but the 27th of July also marks the birth of my alter ego ‘Blagman’ which means it’s the sites first anniversary. But what’s a birthday without presents? And in true Blagman fashion I felt it was only fair to blag a free cake to mark the occasion. And what a cake it is. Profiteroles, thick whipped double cream, a dark chocolate disk and chocolate fudge sauce, all served up perfectly on a biscuit base.

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Empire's Children
Blag Number: 187
Airs: 30th July 2007, Channel 4, 9:00pm

When I was asked to review the Empire's Children TV show I was a little taken aback by how I could turn it in to a blag. After all is it even possible to blag a TV show which can be watched for free (or the price of a TV licence) when it airs? Thankfully blags aren’t just characterised by monetary value, and as I’d be getting to watch the whole episode a week before it aired I decided that was more than enough to qualify it as a blag.

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Wax Essentials
Product Number: 184-186
Where can I buy one: (Trade) / Ashleigh-Burwood (Public)

It’s official ‘Blagmum’ is already a national treasure. With one review to her name she’s become a true star and when we approached Ashleigh & Burwood with a view to sampling some of their products they wrote back “I hope you and your family (especially Blagmum) will enjoy our products”, proving that when it comes to must have gifts Blagmum is the one everyone wants to review their kit.

So with that in mind I settled down with Blagmum and Marie to test their latest range of Wax Essentials products including candles and centrepieces. For the full story click here

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