Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Beat the ban!

That’s the thinking behind NicoGel, a new way of giving up smoking, only the twist this time is that it offers a temporary release so you won’t find yourself craving for a cigarette when forced in to a pub, club, restaurant or enclosed public space affected by the smoking ban. Once you leave the space you can simply go back to smoking without actually having to go through the long process of quitting.

Not actually being a smoker myself and unwilling to talk about a product I haven’t seen tested I enlisted the help of Marie’s Mum Caroll and handed her a sample pack designed to take away her cravings for a good few hours. This consisted of a single small sachet which was about half the size of a credit card and half the thickness, making it perfect for purses, wallets and pockets, ready for when you need it.

Unlike traditional patches and remedies Nicogel is a water-soluble liquid so all you need to do to apply it is tear open the sachet, and rub the solution in between the palms of your hands. You’ll need to do this completely until the gel has vanished (not that the liquid has any colour, but you wouldn’t want shiny hands) and as the gel is quite thick you’ll need to spend a good minute rubbing to get the solution to vanish completely. This slightly takes away from the discreet nature of the product, but if you nip to the toilets on arrival then no one will be any the wiser.

Despite being called Nicogel, the solution is actually comprised of an 'extract of tobacco' which is strange given that I’d always assumed it was Nicotine that gave Cigarettes their addictive ‘craving’ quality. (Although perhaps Nicotine is the extract? Who knows...). Never the less Caroll reported positive results on trying the gel out and found that she was able to sit through a two-hour meeting without a single craving. Considering this is a meeting with a break where she would usually smoke (and thus the psychological urge would be more conditioned) that’s an even more impressive result. On arrival home she still had no cravings, yet was able to enjoy a cigarette just as much.

Which really sums up the purpose of the gel altogether. Giving people the right to chose when and where they smoke. Although I don’t smoke myself I’m all for something which helps smokers enjoy smoking at their leisure without then having to quit completely something which they find pleasure in doing. With the smoking ban everywhere now and ‘stop smoking’ adverts running in a constant loop on TV I’d imagine smokers are finding it hard to cope with a change which in my opinion has come from nowhere - the first I heard of the ban was an advert a month ago.

Whilst the lobbyists argue away on what is right Nicogel is the ideal solution; a way to keep public places clean and smoke free, and a way for smokers to feel like they haven’t been bullied in to submission. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone really.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just searched for Nicogel and am trying to get an answer to a simple question but cannot seem to find it. Figure I'd ask here, it can't hurt, and unless I get an answer with some authority, I will assume NO.

I am going to visit my nephews next week and my brother and sis don't smoke inside. I will be using this, BUT I have a brand new nephew plus a two year old one, and I'd imagine I shouldn't put this on my hands and then handle the baby? I would think I'd risk getting some on little Nate and it's not worth the risk, but I was wondering if anyone knew otherwise... Anyway like I said can't hurt to ask!


4:32 PM


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