Monday, July 30, 2007

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Kula Shaker: Strangefolk

Product Number: 189
Release Date: August 20th 2007
How Much: £8.99 (Amazon)
Where can I buy one:

After nearly 190 blags I’ve yet to take a venture in to the world of music. So to remedy matters I was chuffed to receive the new album from Kula Shaker which will be shaking its way in to shops on the 20th August. That’s over 20 days away and more than enough time to save your pennies and put in a curious pre order.

To give you some idea of what to expect, Strangefolk contains a strong mixture of styles blended together to create something new, which remains fresh and organic. As one mans greatest hits is another persons bargain basement title I feel it’s only fair to run down some of the best tracks and compare them to other music styles. If you’ve got iTunes be sure to hop on and preview anything that catches your eye as several of the songs below are well worth a listen.

The CD starts strongly with Out on the Highway a rocky tune that bridges the gap between the Red Hot Chili Peppers (a rocky free spirit) and U2 (combined with epic scale), a union that you would never expect but one that works remarkably well. Moving on from these rocky origins we soon hit Die for Love a classic piano and guitar ballad right out of the old skool, ideal for those longing for something with a bit of momentum behind it.

Then there’s the summer stylings of Great Dictator of the Free World and Song of Love which will help see you through the last days of August and the last few days of sun (if we see any this year). It’ll seem like an insult for me to compare these two songs to the Monkees , but they do carry the same no-care campness, endless happiness and love/ hate relationship that their songs conjure up. It’s almost impossible to listen to either of the songs and not remember times spent in the rain in Blackpool, Devon or some other coast.

Coming to the end of the CD we find Ol’ Jack Tar a haunting melody with a 70’s style and beat behind it. If Evanescence had traveled back in time 30 years this is the kind of song you’d expect and as such it carries a tenderness of the time, whilst remaining relevant today. Similarly Super CB Operator is a catchy soft rock song, although one that perhaps is a little short on lyrics and variety.

The standout point for Strangefolk is that every single one of the 13 tracks on offer contains a fantastic instrumental intro that sets the tone perfectly. Although not every song is an instant classic, this is down to the endless variety on offer and with so many styles at play you’re bound to find a new favorite on every listen. Pick your favorites, pop them on shuffle and you’ll be sure to find a song that’s spot on for every mood.

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