Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Fast Fit Ironing Board Cover

Product Number: 192
How Much: £5.99
Where can I buy one: JML

In a perfect world there’d be a website for reviews of each type of product out there. Not just a DVD website for DVD’s and a Video Game website for video games, I’m talking a website for board games, a website for Filofaxes, a website for Pizza Makers and so on. The sad thing is a lot of these websites do from time to time pop up and they’re largely ignored, unread and quickly fall off the Internet all together. Which is why I propose a website for Ironing Board Covers to readdress the balance…

Just think of it, a website which compares styles, fabric types, lengths, widths and the general use of hundreds of separate items. But sadly it won’t ever happen, and it’s not because people wouldn’t read it (if you need a new Ironing Board cover it would be your number one source) but simply because no one would be able to write it.

After all writing one or two reviews of ironing board covers would be fine and dandy but imagine how you’d feel having to write your 50th or 100th review? How many times could you constantly comment on the stretchiness of the fabric, or how easily it fits over the board without feeling your soul ebb away? And it’s not because ironing board covers are boring, but merely that every single one of them are almost identical.

Take the JML Ironing Board Cover. Although it comes from a company which always trys to add at least one unique feature to every product they produce there’s no denying that it looks just like your typical Ironing Board Cover. Sure it’s decorated nicely with red flowers that are definitely better than the pale blue cover my board came with, but once again what’s a reviewer to say when pictures do the job far better than words?

And like everything else it’s easy to put on, you simply pull on both ends, pop it over the edges of the board and it’s likely to stay on forever. But, could this be a wave of hope? As soon as you take the cover out of the pack you’ll notice how it curls in on itself and just how stretchy that fabric really is. This ultimately means it fits over much easier and it works so well you’ll probably be wishing this fabric was used for the bottom sheet on your bed. No wonder they call it 'fast fit'.

And what’s this? It’s heat resistant too? More than just a tick box for the front of the packaging the heat reflective coating makes the cover stay cool even if you leave the iron down on it by mistake. For anyone planning on writing the worlds first ironing board cover website this would probably be a small revelation and even earn itself a two part in depth feature because it’s quite frankly something that should be a common feature in all covers as it’s so handy.

The JML 'Fast Fit' Ironing Board Cover may not have the most inspiring name in the world but for anyone contemplating writing an ironing board website it’s bound to be a breath of fresh air. In an industry which is known for staying relatively constant it’s the little things here that make the difference. If this carries on who knows maybe someday someone will actually buy Ironing Board

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