Friday, July 27, 2007

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English Cheesecake

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Happy Birthday to me! Not only is it my real world birthday today but the 27th of July also marks the birth of my alter ego ‘Blagman’ which means it’s the sites first anniversary. But what’s a birthday without presents? And in true Blagman fashion I felt it was only fair to blag a free cake to mark the occasion.

And what a cake it is. Profiteroles, thick whipped cheesecake filling, a dark chocolate disk and chocolate fudge sauce, all served up perfectly on a biscuit base. This is all thanks to the team at the English Cheesecake Company who have the excellent web address of Perhaps they were the first ones the register the domain name or perhaps they won it in an epic cheesecake making competition where there’s was the best? Either way, the cake was every bit as delicious as one you’d expect from such an excellently named site.

As they’re located in London I’d have had quite a trip to collect my cake, so it was with some relief that the team employed some ingenious packaging to transport the cake. First the cake is wrapped around so as to keep the cream in place, with a single paper layer to protect the chocolate disk on top. Then the cake is placed inside two boxes and cushioned next to three dry ice packs in a Styrofoam box. The dry ice helps to freeze the cake and stop it moving and all it takes is 8 hours to defrost before you can tuck in and savor every bite.

So with all this care in packaging you’d expect those tasty little bites to be all the tastier, and the cake tasted every bit as fresh and delicious as you’d expect from a cake created that very day. On the downside I found there was a bit of residual water on top of the cake when I peeled of the paper, but this can easily be wiped off with a kitchen towel before serving.

Tastewise, my favorite factor had to be the double cream which helps keep the cake light on the stomach whilst tasting an absolute treat. The biscuit base is also as crumbly as you’d expect and remains soft for every bite, making it easy on the tongue and throat without feeling sharp on the way down. The profiteroles are like an added bonus for any fan and the whole range of flavors compliment each other perfectly without ever feeling overwhelming.

The ‘8” Personalized Chocolate Fudge Frenzy Cheesecake’ was an absolute delight to taste and the perfect start to my Birthday. That’s not to mention the ‘ Happy Birthday Blagman’ text complete with a ‘B’ surrounded by a small cape. If they put that much attention in to the lettering then you know you’re in for a fantastic cake, and you won’t be disappointed.

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