Friday, July 06, 2007

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JML Doktor Power+ Review (Can it clean it?)

Product Number: 177
How Much: £4.99
Where can I buy one: JML

Winning the award for ‘Product most likely to be named after an 80’s DJ’ comes “Doktor Power” from JML. Pitched as the latest all in one cleaning solution to tackle Cillit Bang it aims to clean up Alloy Wheels, Kitchen surfaces, shoes, bathrooms, garden furniture, chrome, gold, plastic and shiny bald heads. Okay so maybe I made that last one up.

Not that you should really worry about using it for a shiny head* given that it’s made of all natural ingredients which helps to make it more eco friendly than the chemical filled Cillit Bang and other cleaners. This means you’ve got less chance of slowly eroding away the Ozone layer, causing global warming and the end of civilization as we know it. If the way to saving the environment is for us all to take positive steps then this is definitely heading in the right direction.

*Although the tub does state that if you make contact with your skin you should rinse immediately which means you probably should just stick to surfaces and non skin related cleaning…

Inside the radioactive yellow tub you’ll find a sponge and what appears to be a giant slab of concrete. This ‘concrete-esque’ solution forms the bulk of the compound and all you need to do to activate it is wet the sponge and dab it on to a tiny bit. You then rub it on to your intended surface and a small lather will start to form. For my test I used the Doktor Power on my stainless steel bin and a couple of dabs were more than enough to do the job:



As a bonus I was left without any nasty streaks or smudges on the bin and to give everything a nice shine I simply brushed over the compound with a damp cloth to remove any excess. As I’m all for convergence it’s great to see another product which tries to bring together the many beneficial elements of other products in to one convenient tub. No longer do you need to reach for a bathroom cleaner, or polishing kit, now everything you need can be found in one place and that’s a really beneficial thing.

All in all Doktor Power’s first single ‘Super-Cleaning Treatment’ is a revelation on the senses. He manages to blend together a mixture of different styles and genres whilst also waxing and polishing some wicked surfaces. Get ready for a long term treatment that’s bound to leave a lasting impression anywhere you put it. Selecta!

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Blogger lala said...

Dont waste your money. Buy a green cleaning pad (the sort you use for non stick pans) and a packet of bicarbonate for less than half the price of this. I have been seduced by slick and smart marketing into buying a product that still requires quite a bit of 'elbow grease'. I am disappointed in this product.a

8:28 PM

Blogger mandaa said...

I totally agree. Everything is coated in a white film which you then have to clean again and use around two rolls of kithcen roll to dry it up. What a waste of was pants!

11:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree,what tosh,had to wash every thing again.Cold water has never been an effective to clean anything.

1:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Product is rubbish. I spent 2 hrs trying to clean my oven without success.
Another Marketing Scam.

7:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to disagree - as a childminder my home gets a fair amount of wear and tear from sticky hands, banging toys into skirtings leaving marks, paint and crayon marks. This product removes everything with very little effort. It's the only thing I would use on my white sink. It's fantastic on my UPVC window frames too. As for a white residue - you are using too much! Do you not rinse the harmful chemical residue from surfaces when using alternative products or do you just leave them there to contaminate those around????

9:02 AM


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