Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Dermalogica Skin Kit for Men

Product Number: 176
How Much: ₤19.99 Approx
More Info:

Every now and then a product arrives at just the perfect time. The Dermalogica Skin Kit for Men for example, arrived just a couple of days before I departed for my holiday, which was ideal given that it contains five small products that are just the right size for your toiletry bag. What’s more they claim to take a minute each to use, giving you more time to go out and enjoy the sunshine (or in my case stare at crows and sheep in the rain).

The kit contains a special cleansing gel, skin prep scrub, professional shave, active moist and medicated clearing gel, all of which are designed to handle your morning and evening skin care needs. For those familiar with the Clinique and L’Oreal 3 step plans, the change over is a simple one and the additional steps for shaving and acne clearance are welcome additions.

The Special Cleansing Gel needs little introduction and creates a workable lather for your face from a tiny little bottle. For those longing for something more in line with Clinique’s Step 1 the Dermalogica team also produce the same product in a bar of soap.

Once your face is clean the Skin Prep Scrub will prepare your face for shaving. Unlike the runny cleansing gel this scrub is a thicker solution which is designed to be rougher for your skin so as to get deeper in to the pores. Although I didn’t find it as nice to use as L’Oreal’s and Clinique’s Step 2 the scrub did offer far more effective cleaning and generally showed better results in my trial than the other two.

The Professional Shave product continues this work and helps to glide the razor along the skin and soften the hairs giving you a smoother more comfortable shave. Although I’d imagine this is rather effective for manual razors it doesn’t hold up quite so well on electric razors and I’ve experienced better results with Clinique’s Electric Shave Primer so that is still my item of choice in this area.

Active Moist also falls short when compared to Clinique and although it’s an effective moisturiser it’s not quite as smooth and light as M-Gel from Clinique. Having said that the Medicated Clearing Gel receives top marks and worked as well as over the counter gels for acne such as Quinoderm so it really can't be beat.

Overall, the Dermalogica Skin Kit for Men is an excellent starting point for the curious male groomer. For twenty quid you won’t find a more complete set of this quality, and although not every product is a world leader, the effects are more than good enough to justify the price. So next time you fancy a short break - at just the right time - for your skin, this is the ideal low commitment option to get you started.

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