Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Disclaimer: Today we will be discussing the serious moral implications of booze and therefore no under 18's please...

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Al Murray is a national treasure. If you haven’t come across him on his live tours, Time Gentlemen Please, Happy Hour or his Virgin Radio show then you’ve missed a huge trick as he’s one of the UK's greatest funnymen. His act mostly consists of a furious barrage of EU insults “Back off Brussels!”, feminist put downs “There’s two types of jobs for women: secretary and receptionist” and sly gay jokes “I was never confused”.

Which is all done in jest and absolutely fine, (well assuming you’re not, homosexual, female or European, but he means it in the best possible taste of course). But on his last tour Al said something which left the audience shocked. In front of an audience of hundreds of red-blooded males he said that all beer is disgusting and the only reason we drink it is to find the one good tasting pint.

Now as someone who has never found beer that enticing, I have to say it was fascinating watching people in the crowd stare at their mates as if what Al had just said was some sort of blasphemy. But hadn’t he just said the Universal truth? Can anyone one man, woman or teenager, really hold up their hand and admit that the first sip of beer they had didn’t taste absolutely disgusting? But of course like the proverbial first smoke of a cigarette where you nearly cough up your lungs in agony didn’t you carry on just to see if it would get better?

If I’m wrong about this then feel free to debate this in the comments because it’s a debate that was further fuelled by the arrival of a few free bottles of Budweiser in my post box. Instantly I was drawn back to my first sip at some random Sixth Form party and how it tasted something along the lines of charcoal mixed with sugar. Fast forward to the future and I’ll happily enjoy a drink of Budweiser from time to time and even enjoy the taste.

Which begs the question, when did this phantom shift occur and how on Earth did it happen? Is it something like when your parents feed you sprouts continuously as a child and then one day you suddenly find you despise them a little less? More so, why is it that Budweiser tastes significantly better with a Curry than with Chocolate. Or why is it that chilling the beer makes it taste even better?

Someone needs to get in touch with the 'New Scientist' because these are serious moral questions of our society! But to get back to the point, the free Budweiser’s tasted great and who knows maybe I'll find they’ll taste even better in a few years time? Spooky stuff…

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