Monday, July 02, 2007

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Worms 2007 (Mobile)

Product Number: 175
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Sometimes as reviewers we naturally end up contradicting ourselves. It’s a way of life, bought on by the unexpected nature of the products we feature and the times when you just can’t predict the future no matter how much you’d like to try. Take my review of Worms Crazy Golf where I remarked how it would be nigh on impossible to bring the traditional Worms game to mobile phones.

My fears at the time were based on the small mobile phone screen, lack of buttons and small memory capacity of phones, and yet somehow THQ have managed to bring all of the classic Worms fun to mobiles without losing the classic elements that made the original game so much fun. Take the weapons, bazookas, dynamite and even holy hand grenades which are all present and correct and as easy to use as they’ve always been.

This is part in thanks to a simple control system that uses every button on the mobile to great effect. This is shown best when jumping – rather than forcing you to try and press two buttons to jump forward (jump and forward in unison) there’s a button to jump upwards and a separate button to jump forwards. Then just like the PC original you can double click the buttons to jump backwards. This makes navigation around the maps simple and easy, something it’s rare to say for a mobile game with such terrain.

The terrains also retain that classic Worms formula, although there has been a severe shrinkage in size so as to fit the game neatly on to mobile phones. Most maps are 2 or 3 screen sizes long and by clicking a button you can scroll around the map to explore where your rivals are stationed. The closeness of the maps creates a more fast paced game, and there’s really nowhere to hide that can’t be bombed. Even the girders are tiny, so the game is far more focused on offensive than defensive strategies.

To keep the action tight and controlled there’s also limit of 8 Worms on each map. This is a bit of a loss in multiplayer, as you can only get away with two worms on each team of four, but any more would severely crowd the maps. Plus four player on a single phone in the first place is a great achievement, although bluetooth and online support will surely be top of the feature list for Worms 2008.

Still if you fancy a bit of single player a few missions have been included to help add variety and the hidden weapons help keep you going back for more. The AI is smart enough to make the game interesting and their decisions are instantaneous so the pace keeps moving along. In other words Worms 2007 is the perfect transformation of one of the all time classics. If you’ve never played it before or want to recapture the magic lost in new 3D installments then this is a must have download.

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