Monday, June 18, 2007

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Street Gliders

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Got shoes? I’d imagine you probably do. Got wheels? Sure I’d imagine you’ve probably got a bike or car sitting around with some wheels. But have you got trainers with wheels? You know what I mean, those trainers with small wheels in the bottom that allow kids and reckless adults to skid and slide their way around shopping malls in much the same way Motorbikes are so good at nipping through traffic on the motorway, wheely shoes (as they’re more affectionately known by me) carry out the same crowd beating function.

However there comes a time when any pair of wheely shoes becomes too scuffed to wear any more or simply no longer fits as well as it used too. With normal shoes with wheels you’re forced to buy a brand new pair of trainers with wheels fitted, and you’re naturally restricted to the narrow selection of shoes that actually have wheels in the first place. To resolve this issue, comes Street Gliders, a new set of wheels which can easily be attached and removed from any pair of trainers.

This means you're free to pick absolutely any style or design of trainers you like without having to search around for a pair that comes equipped with wheels. You’ll also only need one pair of trainers for normal walking life and for wheel action. So if you find yourself walking down the street as mild mannered Clive Cent, and you suddenly feel the need to transform in to your wheel powered alter ego, you can pop on the wheels and go. Simple.

To initially set up the wheels requires a screwdriver (to free the wheels from their packaging) and an additional tool which is included in the kit. Essentially you’ll need to grab your designated pair of trainers, unscrew the Street Gliders and then move a small bar on the base of the Gliders so it fits your trainer size. You then pop them over your trainers, tighten them up and screw everything back in to place again. This allows the Gliders to grip your trainers whilst also giving you the flexibility to change when you alter your shoes.

I was a little apprehensive when first trying out the Gliders that perhaps they wouldn’t grip effectively to my shoe and that I’d probably end up flat on my face, but to my surprise, they held strong and kept me rolling along. I’d imagine they grip best if you have trainers with large heels, due to the way they’re shaped, and they worked well with both a pair of Sketchers and K-Swiss trainers which I used in my trial.

As for using them to get around, you generally lean your heel back and push forward. Surprisingly it doesn’t really take much practice to do and unlike learning to roller-skate I’d be surprised if you fall over at all. So if you fancy some wheels on your shoes without the long term commitment then this if definitely a positive stride in the right direction.

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Anonymous Mike said...

If you are ever in the Houston Texas area, check out STREET GLIDERZ at the Willowbrook Mall near the Macy's women's wing. Or check out our information at


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