Monday, June 11, 2007

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Prescriptives (The Nudists Range) Moonbeam Reflective Gloss

Product Number: 165
How Much: £13.00 RRP
Where can I buy one: John Lewis

As we have the word ‘man’ in our title we’re sometimes incorrectly seen as a site for men only which couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure we occasionally like to indulge in mass shaving foam reviews and a bit of male waxing but that doesn’t mean we don’t also take the time to explore things like the Claritweeze tweezers or L’Oreal lip glosses. Our latest acquisition comes courtesy of Prescriptives - a high end makeup brand – and more specifically their new Moonbeam reflective lip gloss which Marie will now investigate:

Coming fresh from their new range ‘The Nudists’ (sorry if you came here via Google and were expecting something a little saucier) the moonbeam gloss we received came in two distinct shades: Summer Constellation 02 (a subtle yet elegant shade of pink) and Summer Solstice 01 (a browner darker shade, which still maintains a lightened tone). You’ll notice from the above shot that the lip glosses appear to be comprised of three different colours, and the end effect on your lips is something of a mixture of the three.

Despite this merging of colours there’s no worry of mixed and uneven colouring ending up on your lips. Each application goes on smoothly and there’s a general consistency between each colour which ensures fabulous lips from the start of the bottle to the end. A soft brush applicator also helps to even out the tones and feels as nice to use as the gloss is to look at.

Wear time isn’t much of a bother either and you’ll get quite a few hours of wear from each application. Other interesting points include the creamy yet slightly minty ice crème smell of the Summer Constellation 02 and the shimmery pink gold effect on Summer Solstice 01. The bottle itself also comes with a shiny lid which maintains a touch of class, yet urges others to look closer and see that all important Prescriptives logo on top!

Which is good news as this is my first experience with the Prescriptives brand and as a treat I found them irresistible. Although they are pricey when compared to the L’Oreal lip glosses I reviewed last year, the Prescriptives glosses do claim to bear a closer resemblance to the latest cat walk styles so try before you buy and maybe you’ll be embracing the Nudist philosophy soon!

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