Monday, June 18, 2007

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Pop Up Timer for Turkey and Chicken

Product Number: 170
Where can I buy one: Kitchen Monger

In the first of today’s timer updates comes the Pop Up Timer for Turkey and Chicken which is designed to ‘take the guesswork out of cooking the perfect poultry’. What’s great about these devices is that they’re ace for anyone that doesn’t see themselves as a perfect chef yet wants to learn the ropes without having to constantly bug someone by asking ‘Is it done yet’ every five minutes.

Cooking poultry is an especially unnerving process for the uninitiated so it’s nice to see a device that at least makes things a little simpler. Once the chicken is cooked to perfection a little pin sticks out of the top of the device to let you know when to remove this. Sadly there’s no marker or line so there’s still some guesswork involved in guessing when it’s actually done and it’s really no replacement for good old fashioned intuition once you’ve cooked a few chickens. As a handy trainer it has potential but instead of asking ‘is it done?’ you may simply be asking ‘is the pin sticking out?’ instead.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI, we use this crafty little device often and friends have asked us to get some for them too!
You'll be investing in peace of mind when you buy this...and it's easily cleaned in the dishwasher basket.

9:35 AM


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