Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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I-Can Opener

Product Number: 167
How much: £9.95 RRP
Where can I buy one: Kitchen Monger

We all have our kitchen kock-ups and mine has always been the humble can opener. Over the years I’ve had one can opener which refused to work and another which actually managed to unscrew itself as I turned it, and then fall apart in to pieces. So it was with relief that I turned to the I-Can Opener. As opening cans was about the only thing the 6-in-1 can opener couldn’t do let’s see what its spiritual brother can offer.

The main benefit is that is reduces write strain by being easy to attach as it clamps on to the can once you clip it in to place. This means no need to push down or grip the can opener as you use it. Annoyingly the can opener is a little heavy so you will have to at the very least place one hand on the tin otherwise the whole thing has a tendency to fall over to one side! Once attached you pull down on a lever like a slot machine and the can turns around all by itself. It’s quite ingenious to watch and by far the best can opener I’ve ever used.

Curious? Well the packet says 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' so it’s got to be worth a test!

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