Friday, June 29, 2007

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Folding Bucket

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Cupboards and under-the-stairs hiding spaces are great ways to clean away clutter. Ironing board? Chuck it in there! Mop? Toss it in there! Vacuum Cleaner? In it goes. And so on, until eventually one day you realise that something just isn’t going to fit. When that day comes, it’s time to throw away your old bucket and call upon the folding bucket.

Measuring 5cm’s tall and approximately 26cm’s long, the ‘Folding Bucket’ is a space conservationists dream. It even comes in a case to keep the whole thing even more discreet. Thankfully unlike traditional folding products, the case isn’t designed to stop the bucket from ‘springing open’ again. The bucket folds up in a rather relaxed manner and there’s no springs or tight compression, making it just as happy to stand as it is to fold.

Instead of springs the bucket seems to fold by twisting the fabric around itself (imagine turning a can in two separate directions and you’ve got it). This is a little strange the first time you unravel the bucket as it means you won’t entirely trust it to stand up on it’s own the first few times. This fear is further enhanced by the crinkles in the fabric which remain no matter how hard you try to pat them down.

Thankfully this is nothing more than a minor fear and in an attempt to get over this I devised a little test. I filled the bucket up, left it for 30 minutes and observed to see if it made any attempts to fall over (don’t worry I was watching a movie at the same time as well, I’m not completely losing it…). When the clock hit 30 minutes I was pleasantly surprised to find the bucket had made no attempts to revert back to its folded state which means there’s really nothing to worry about.

Of course the next stage was actually lifting the bucket, and this is when you first realise that it’s really deceptively large. With the bucket half full (or half empty for you pessimists) I’ve got to admit it was heavier than I was expecting. That’s not to say it was impossible to lift but those of you feeling optimistic who want to wash the car in one go and fill the bucket to the brim will find yourselves faced with a very hard struggle on your hands.

For the rest of us one third full will probably suffice, and it’s nice to have that extra capacity just in case you really need to fill up on water. After all if you fill the bucket up with water than you won’t need to store those bottles of water in the cupboard either… It’s a space saving super solution!

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