Monday, June 18, 2007

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Egg Boiling Timer

Product Number: 169
How much: £4.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: Trade: Kingstown or contact Jody Allen at
Non Trade: Call Housewares Direct on 08701 208 301

Another traditional product which you may have seen a thousand times before, so what’s the twist this time? Well this egg timer actually goes in to the water with the eggs and as the water boils it tells you exactly when your egg is hard, medium, or soft. The way this works is thanks to a white circle which fills up on the outside of the timer, and works its way inward as your egg cooks. As it goes inward it passes a series of lines and informs you of your eggs progress.

It works too and I tried it on both a soft and hard boiled egg with spot on results. The only real niggle is that you’ll need to check where the lines are on the timer before you pop it in the water, as once it starts to bubble actually reading the text becomes difficult. Of course you can always simply move the pan from the hob for a second to give the bubbles chance to subside if you’re in any doubt. Clearly it’s effective but there’s probably a more ‘ultimate’ product that you can actually read waiting to break out of the shell in a few months time.

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