Friday, June 01, 2007

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I talked last week about the pressures ‘modern men’ are under to look good and shape up their appearance in modern day society. Whilst I didn’t entirely agree that visual tweaks were the correct way to be a ‘modern man’ it was indicated that perhaps being just a little bit less scruffy would help to cement the modern man image.

By comparison women undergo a much harder scrutiny of their image and it is for this reason the ClariTweeze has been created. Whilst men can get away with simply shaving there’s a perception that women must go further, and that each hair in their eyebrows must be neat and plucked to perfection. Thankfully there’s no reason why this should take more than a minute or so and ClariTweeze is on hand to speed up the process indefinitely.

The first feature of ClariTweeze is a small magnifier that you can flip around in order to get a better look at each hair. If you couple this with a mirror aimed at your face you’ll get extra magnification and the ability to see each troublesome hair one by one. It’s an effective touch and you can easily swing it around for when you require it. One brief observation that Marie spotted is that you’ll need to approach your eyes in a vertical and not a horizontal direction in order to see through the magnifier so you may have to use the ClariTweeze slightly differently to the way you’re used too.

The next feature is a handy light that you can use to gain an even clearer look for any stray lashes. This helps to light up any faint hairs that you may otherwise have missed, whilst removing any shadows, which would simply get in the way. Sadly this power comes at a cost of three watch batteries and although they’re included at first, you’ll have to shell out a packet to replace them later.

Last but not least there’s the tips of the tweezers, which are quite fat. This means they’re not quite as effective at gripping hairs as well as shorter tips would be, which is a shame as it somewhat takes away from the precision afforded by the rest of the device.

Which means that although the ClariTweeze(rs) still work very well there’s a general consensus amongst those who tested it that sharper tips would make it perfect. Despite that it’s still the best option for stray and light hairs that you may otherwise have missed and may be worth a look if you’ve got an especially fair hair colour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Essex Boy!

Tweezers are a very girly item to write about have you used them or has your girlfried.....Intersting to know what other uses apart from eyebrows these can be used for???


2:56 PM


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