Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Button Up Shawl With Scarf

Product Number: 163
How Much: £19.99
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Non Trade: Healthy Living

I’ve never been more confused than I was last night whilst trying on the button up shawl. Without actually looking at it properly I removed it from the packaging, undid the buttons and attempted to try it on, only to find a complete absence of arm holes. After grabbing in to thin air for a good thirty seconds or so I soon realised the cape like essence of the garment and slumped it on my shoulders.

It was then I realised that undoing all of the buttons was my second mistake and that trying to attach buttons whilst wearing a garment on your shoulders - which moves as you move - is actually a tricky experience. Eventually I found that by shifting one shoulder in the air and another in a downwards direction I could pop the buttons back in again and regain control of the garment.

Only then I was left with a dangling bit at the front which I had absolutely no idea what to do with. A quick burst of inspiration later and I soon realised the extra bit of fabric was designed to be used as a scarf and I swiftly swung it around in the air to cover my neck and keep me warm. Having never worn anything quite like this before I’ve decided to post the various wearing styles I discovered in my trials so as to aid others who may be confused by this unique fashion trend.

The Wizard: Whilst wearing the shawl raise your hands in to the air screaming “Begone spawn of Satan” or “You shall not pass!" and you’ll be able to pass for a Wizard in training. Better yet, it you can find an old rickety walking stick then no one will be able to tell the difference.

The Prophet: Very similar to the Wizard but in this example you’ll need to extend one arm in to the air and hold the other to your chest. This is to signify the authority of your preaching status whilst also keeping one hand close to your heart to give your speech an emotional impact. If you want to take this one step further you can even knock up a ‘Commandments’ style slab and hold that with your downward hand.

The Boxer: Are you ready to enter the boxing pit? Not without one of those giant gowns boxers seem to wear before they enter the ring and this is the perfect substitute. It’ll even make you look larger than you actually are so you might not even have to fight in the first place.

The Bib: Always spilling food down yourself? Then the obvious solution is to use the shawl as a handy adult bib. Whilst it’s probably a little fancy to be used for such a purpose there’s no denying that it does an effective job of mopping up sauces.

The Blagman: Inspired by This snazzy pose you can even use the cape to do ‘The Blagman’ pose. Simply cross your hands in an X, hold a product in each hand and look unashamedly smug and you’ve got it.

Of course the shawl has plenty of real world clothing uses too but that should give you some ideas of the ways you can embrace a fashion that you may not have tried before. Give it a go and see what creations you can come up with!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very fetching - although I'm not sure it's going to take off as a fashion accessory - unless they try and plug it to Emo kids of course!!! ;)

Mikke :)

12:05 PM


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