Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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BlagMUM: Union Coffee

After allowing my Dad to take over the reigns last month I decided it was only fair to allow my Mum (aka BlagMum) a chance in the saddle as well. This'll be a family business before you know it!

Product Number: 173
I started working in Birmingham a few months ago and soon become addicted to some of the designer coffees available on the high street, so when Blagman asked me to try some hand-roasted ground coffee from UNION I jumped at the chance. Inside the purple box the coffee was not only beautifully tied with ribbon but the smell was divine. This is just the sort of aroma to have wafting though your house when you are expecting guests. I always look out for the fair-trade symbol when shopping for coffee; so was very pleased to see it here. GM free too!

For me the difficult part was deciding which variety to try first. All the packets have lovely names including revolution/intense belief or the country of origin for example Brazil/elegant trust. The descriptions sound lovely too and must be written for me as 3 include the word ‘chocolate’. I chose the 4: medium/strong organic rich clarity and was amazed by how much coffee the 227g bag held – it was too much for my usual container! In no time at all my cafetiere was full of one of the nicest coffee’s I have ever tasted (it was even nice cold!). It can easily hold it’s head up against all the expensive designer coffees and beat some that I’d best not mention here! Even though I made it a bit stronger than I intended the flavour was wonderful, rich and smooth with none of the harsh bitter taste I’ve found with some other brands.

I will definitely look out for this coffee at the supermarket. Due to the special seal the packs stay fresh into next year and as an added bonus I now have a lovely purple box big enough for my 12” x 12” scrapbook papers and other craft goodies.

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