Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Modern Gent pt2: Ultra Shave

Product Number: 153
How much: £6.95
Where can I buy one: Modern

Remember the good old days when we used to feature a different shaving gel every month? Where my face became a public test site, and where each month my shaving talent was ridiculed by everyone that passed the comments box? Well slap a bib on me and call me a guinea pig because ‘Ultra Shave’ has arrived and it’s time to don the razor once again.

The key feature of Ultra Shave is that it’s both a moisturizer and a shaving cream. So as you apply its slightly peach scented solution you’ll notice your skin feels smoother even before you’ve started shaving. It does a nice job of softening up the bristles on your face and as I used it the hairs came out easily and without any unnecessary aches or pains.

As for the moisturizer it also deserves full marks. Normally after a shave my skin feels dry and I’m in a rush to apply moisturizer, but I must admit as soon as I’d finished shaving in this instance my face felt smooth and refreshed. The bottle insists that at this stage you add more moisturizer just to sweeten the effect, and although I was worried it may build up and become slimy, it simply merged with the existing moisturizer on my face easily without a pore clogging build up. That said it’s not quite as smooth as the Clinique Moisturizer I usually use but that costs £21 so you can’t really fault this little baby….

…and as always I’ve leave the above photo there for your critical eyes. Be kind!

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