Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Modern Gent pt1: Fuzzy Brush

As a haphazard twenty-something I often wonder what a Modern Gentleman should be like? Women’s magazines would have us believe that it’s the fabled ‘new man’ with feelings, a heart made of goo and a penchant for cleaning. Meanwhile mens magazines would have us believe it’s anything from a pervert to what Men’s Health call an ‘Alpha Male’. But perhaps all a man really needs to do is simply look good? At least both genders of magazines can agree on that.

So with a focus on looking good, today I’ll be bringing you two new products to make you feel like a Modern Gent.

Fuzzy Brush

Product Number: 152
How much: £1.49
Where can I buy one: Modern

Modern Gents hopefully shouldn’t be found lobbying around toilets but up until recently that used to be the only place you could find the Fuzzy Brush. Tucked away in corners next to condom and mint machines there little guys were certainly handy but not exactly in prime locations (who really cares about their breath in an M25 motorway service station?). Thankfully they’re now available in packs of 4, which will fit perfectly in to a jacket pocket for quick cleaning relief.

For those that haven’t seen them before Fuzzy Brushes are essentially chewable toothbrushes. You simply pop them in your mouth, chew them a bit and you’re left with fresh breath. Naturally if that were their only function then they’d be pretty pointless (given that they’re essentially Xlyotol dispensers just like Smint’s) and if this were Dragon’s Den I’d now be standing up to escort the failed contestant out of the room.

So it’s with some relief then that the designers of the chewable toothbrush have included a small handle at the end of the brush. This means you can clamp the brush between your teeth, and then use your tongue to maneuver the brush in the hard to reach places. It also means you can clean all your teeth, which is something that can’t be done with chewing gum (well unless you position the gum over each tooth painstakingly.. which I’ve never done… well maybe five times).

Oh and one more thing that makes them different from gum; The back of the packet warns in red lettering “Do Not Swallow”. Sounds stupid, but you know someone will do it.

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