Friday, May 18, 2007

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K-Swiss Lozan II Punk Review

Product Number: 150
How Much:£100
Where can I buy one: Harvey Nichols and Selfridges

One of the things that always bugs me about trainer reviews in men’s magazines is that they’ll show you a fantastic picture of the trainer and then tell you to go out and buy it. They make no mention as to what the shoe is like to wear, or how it actually feels to run around and try them out. Then again if the latest offering from K-Swiss arrived in their office they’d probably be too busy fighting over them to wear them anyway....

Thankfully this review is going to be a little different as K-Swiss have allowed me to go nuts with their new 'Lozan II Punk traners'. That means I can go for a jog in them, kick them in puddles and generally just try them out without having to worry about keeping them in pristine condition for the next PR guy on the list. Don’t be surprised if you spot a little bit of mud in the photos because I’ve had a two weeks worth of wear and I haven’t spent it tapping my feet.

First there’s the initial fit of the trainers which is fantastic. The back of each shoe is soft and cups your heel in a way that the skater boys will find both protective and comfortable. Then there’s the soft sole which even has a nice little raised platform for the ball of your foot to rest on. It's a nice step towards the adaptive comfort seen in the Gel Soles and the trainers grip your feet well whether you’re walking, running or jumping in the crowd at an Atari’s concert.

Whilst they look sharp and edgy on the outside, they’re comfortable and soft on the inside, but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone…

One of the most interesting features about this new range from K-Swiss are the ‘Tongue Twister’ tops which allow you to quickly change the logo on the top of your trainer. All of the designs in this range (There’s also Dog and Medal styles) comes with this feature and each trainer come with two separate designs which you quickly switch between by reaching inside and turning. Due to some smart padding the trainers are just as comfortable no matter which way around you turn the tops so you can mix and match depending on your mood. So the tops can twist there's a tiny slit cut in to the trainers which doesn't comprise the design, although it does make the top less rigid and as a result it can slowly seep in to your trainer from time to time if your laces aren't tight.

The Punk range can be switched between a grey K-Swiss logo:

Or a red ‘Fake London’ logo:

The reason for this split personality (aside from looking very cool) is that it signifies the cooperation between the two brands in bringing out such an excellent range. Fake London created the designs and K-Swiss styled them in to trainers. This mix of designs is fantastic and the Punk offering includes zips (which thankfully don’t make any noise), big soles, and even a studded wristband hanging off the heel. If you believe that being Punk is also about being ‘individual’ then these trainers will make you stand out from the crowd in every instance.

And that’s not to mention their limited edition status too. Not content with only producing their new range in limited numbers, K-Swiss will only be releasing their latest offering in to Harvey Nichols, Selfridgdes and select independent retailers so be sure to snap them up quickly before they’re gone for good.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had a pair of K-swiss and i ripped out the tongue the 2nd time turning it around... quality is not what it should be for their money.

11:29 AM

Blogger Blagman said...

Gutted, that stinks. Gotta admit I haven't managed to rip mine out yet, although I rarely twist them: The K-Swiss logo is by far the best.

7:41 AM


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