Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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iFlops Elephant

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If there’s been one flaw with iPod speakers so far it’s that although they’ve been visually pleasing they haven’t exactly been ‘cute’. Sure there’s the iDogs, iFish, iCat’s etc, but they’re still cold hard creatures made of plastic and metal. They’re about as likely to give you a loving hug as they are to change in to Daleks and exterminate you.

Now this is better. Although as first glance seeming like your typical cuddly toy, iFlops comes with a secret. Concealed in a pouch on its back is a small speaker jack which you can plug in to your MP3 player in order to play your music. In case you’re wondering which nether region they’ve hid the battery pack in, well there isn’t one! iFlops runs off the power of your device, so there’s no need for batteries, or charging.

Which is both good and bad. On the one hand it means far less phaffing around, but it also means the speakers in iFlops are of limited quality, so as to run off a second power source. The speakers are by no means terrible but mostly they sound as if someone is holding a hand in front of the speakers which leads to some distortion.

Whilst you might argue that iFlops is clearly made for hugging and that therefore he doesn’t need speakers with massive power, the speakers are actually at their worst when you are right up next to them. From about 50cm away the sound is clear but as you get closer the muted buffer starts to kick in.

To give you some idea of which genres are top of the pops and which are (i)flops we tested out pop in the form of Kelly Clarkson which suffered from some muffled voices which removed some of her edgy appeal. For rock we chose Linkin Park and found the distortion far too distracting, although I’m sure angst ridden music coming out of a cuddly toy would have been a little ironic anyway. Most bizarrely of all the club music we tried suffered from almost no distortion whatsoever, so if you want to fall asleep with iFlops in your arms club beats are the way to go.

But what of the cuddly attributes of our furry friend? Well he’s both soft and despite containing various electrical components he’s incredibly squeezable and resilient. Whilst his fur is a little bitty around the seams he seems to maintain his coat no matter how much you pick away and you can’t deny the feeling of rubbing your hand against such a cuddly creature.

Before I lose all sense of manliness I should probably make some sort of conclusion. iFlops clearly isn’t designed for the dedicated music freak or for anyone who wants high quality music. Instead he’s perfect for lying down, holding and simply relaxing on your own. Good for kids, and not too bad for adults who still love their cuddly toys. And don’t worry if you don’t like elephants there’s also pigs, monkeys, penguins, rugby balls, cows etc….

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Blogger arryana said...

i have one of these myself, and ran across your post when googling a picture to show someone else.

it takes a real man to be that enthusiastic over a fuzzy thing, kudos.

4:15 PM


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