Monday, May 07, 2007

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Finger Beats Mixer

Product Number: 145
How much: £19.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: All good toy stores

Words really can't describe the Finger Beats Mixer. It's a quirky touch sensitive beat box which has a mixture of different tracks that you can layer on top of each other. Okay so it can be described, but to get an idea of what it's really all about I decided to put together a short video:

(If the video appears jumpy try pausing the clip until it has loaded all the way and everything should be ok. If you still have problems drop me an email on

For those at work who don't fancy playing the clip and having the whole office glare down on them, the clip shows a few of the sample tracks. Essentially there's a mixture of up tempo electro pop such as clicking fingers, a tap of a drum, piano keys and cymbols. There's eight in all and there's a few different ways you can mash them together in order to create some sort of music.

Be warned that it won't turn you in to the next DJ Hixxy and that it's really something desgined for kids and a quick blast every now and then. The press release states its for over 8's but realistically I see no reason why five year olds won't get a kick out of mashing up their own tracks. There's even a hole for you to plug in an MP3 player if you buy a headphone jack to jack cable which will let you layer the sounds of the Finger Beats Mixer on top of your own tracks.

Play the vid, check out the music for yourself and you'll soon decide if you want to party all night long with it or not.

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