Friday, May 25, 2007

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Filofax Chino Mini

Product Number: 154
How Much: £20.00
Where can I buy one:

It’s been nine months since I last took a look at Filofax, at which point I challenged you to” find a brand where every single product in their catalogue is this elegant, stylish and practical”. Since then I personally haven’t been able to spot anything so they can rest safely at night knowing that their crown is safe.

The latest member of their range is the Chino which is slightly smaller than the ‘Sport’ model I reviewed last year whilst retaining all of the functionality. For those who have ever picked up a Filofax in a shop and wondered what awaits inside I thought it would be good to show you the ins and outs with a short video taking you from cover to cover:

As before it includes all manner of ace little bits including memorable dates, an A-Z and a complete 2007-8 Diary across two pages. Once you get to the new year you simply buy a new diary section, pop out the old one and clip the new one in. The Chino is every bit as practical and functional as before and quite frankly is still the king of the playground, University or Office.

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