Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Expanding Shoe Rack

Product Number: 143
How Much: £14.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: Trade:Kingstown or contact Jody Allen at
Non Trade: Healthy Living

When I moved in to my last house the previous residents had left behind some tiny shelves that they no longer needed. Although they advised us to throw them out I decided that one mans bookcase could be another mans shoe rack, and quickly propped the makeshift rack in my cupboard. Although it looked a little rickety and could only hold seven shoes it did the job and I was sad to leave it behind when I moved to my new flat.

Since then mine and Marie’s shoes have pretty much been shoved in a corner, and whenever the pile gets too big we simply hide some shoes in a closet out of the way.

Well not any more! The team at Kingstown products were kind enough to provide us with one of their expanding shoe racks and I was happy to take them up on their offer. Although it comes dismantled it’s hardly an IKEA styled nightmare and all you need to do is slot a few poles in place and add some tiny plastic feet. The whole thing can be done in seconds, although I probably hold the world record for longest completion time as I managed to open up the pipes and reassemble them in the wrong way, but that's something only a complete muppet would do so you'll have no worries.

Once constructed you’re left with a sturdy shoe rack which can hold about six pairs of shoes stacked side by side. There’s two levels to store shoes on and my only niggle is that the bottom layer is a little small. Although all of my shoes fitted on the second shelf I did find that the tops could stick through to the upper layer. Still it’s the perfect size for sandals and slippers so they’ll happily fit on the lower layer.

Six pairs of shoes may be well and good for some but if you find yourself needing a little more space all you need to do is pull on one side of the unit and it will slide across leaving you with room for even more shoes. This works thanks to an inner pipe which moves along as you slide. Despite this the whole thing is surprisingly strong and hasn't dipped or buckled under the pressure of my shoes.

Once extended you’ve got space for up to ten shoes and if you’ve got any more regular shoes than that then you really should think about buying some shelves to store them on. Or you could always buy a second extending shoe rack as they’re designed perfectly to be stacked one on top of the other, giving you almost limitless potential.

Which means there's no excuse for not getting more shoes...

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