Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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Dad of Blagman: JML Universal Spanner

Product Number: 146
How much: £5.99
Where can I buy one: JML, Focus, Woolworths

From time to time I must call upon friends and family to lend me a noble hand in my quest. So far that has mostly involved Marie testing makeup so as to save me public ridicule, but most recently I encountered another product which I simply couldn't review on my own: the JML Universal Spanner. The simple reasoning? Because in my flat I don't think I can find a single nut or bolt to try it out on. Everything seems to be screwed, glued or hammered in to place and as such I turned to my Dad (who is well qualified for the role as he built this, and won these for it) to share his thoughts.

The Pack
The JML Spanners pack contains two spanners, the first of which has a head for 9mm to 14mm nuts at one end and 15mm to 22mm at the other. The second spanner larger spanner is for use on nuts ranging from sizes of 23-32mm which should cover just about anything!

In terms of finish the shafts themselves are chrome plated whilst the moving parts of the spanners are polished chrome. Although they're generally nice to look, and wouldn't look out of place in your average Snap-On tool case, they would have benefited from better polishing before they were chromed. Although not inherently noticeable some parts of the casting are rough, and could have been better polished before chroming.

Do they work?
I tried the spanners out on an overdrive gearbox in my workshop and they seemed to grip and work well, there's no real worry of them slipping and you mostly feel in control. There's definitely some potential here although one small flaw is that where the serrated end gripped the nut they left a few little marks, which is no good for anything you want to leave in pristine condition. Similarly they'll only work on nuts that have some depth to them as the part that grips is a lot narrower than the part which goes around the nut.

Are they worth it?
Thanks to a reasonable price the JML Universal Spanner is a very worthwhile tool to have around in the house or garage, especially for the odd sized larger nuts which you never seem to have a spanner to fit! Being open ended they would also fit round pipes for undoing plumbing fittings and are all set for pretty much any nuts you want to throw at them.

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Blogger Mustafa said...

I got these and they are pretty good at doing the job. The price is a throw away. The quality ad thickness could have been better. But its definately innovative and useful.

1:03 PM


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