Monday, April 09, 2007

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Sidekick: Logic 3 Traveller

Thought we'd leave you hanging on a Bank Holiday without a product review? Well Blagman's gone for a brief holiday but when a superhero takes a break he can always rely on a humble sidekick. In this case it's Tom Gray who was one of our lucky winners of the Logic 3 iStation Traveller. Take it away Tom:

Where iPod speakers are concerned, the first name which materializes is Logic3 and the iStation Traveller is one of the smaller speakers in their range. As the name suggests it is designed to be taken around and this is reflected in the size and weight. Upon first setting eyes on it, it looks neither modern nor attractive but as you become accustomed to it you begin to realise its subtle chic design. Primarily you plug it into your iPod, MP3 player or phone through a cable at the back which is connected to the output slot in your music device.

This brings me nicely to the first point, if you are trying to play music from a desk, how to get your iPod to stand up. The speakers slide apart as seen in the picture below:

But as you can see there is only a small area for your iPod to stand, there are problems when you try and change song since the spin wheel is down the bottom, which can unbalance the iPod and this happens:

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a patient guy but having to take it out to change the song is alright for the first five minutes but afterwards it becomes a pain. The rubber grip pad they have put in to try and counter this is useless and this is my major whine against the speaker.

The fact it is portable also means that it is battery run, which is fine when you have no noise around you but as soon as you play heavy bass loudly the batteries are as good as gone. This then means you carry a supply of batteries in your pocket and the odds of this being a speaker which is easy to carry become more and more unlikely.

Although, having said this, it can go very loud for such small speakers and could easily be used in a car (I used it in a Landrover, loudest car in existence) which is a big positive for all those who can’t use the iTrip or want to listen to music on your mobile. This makes the device very useful for driven as you cannot use headphones legally in a car and the quality of radio seems to be declining. It also means when you get out of the car in the middle of a great song you can listen to the second half.

It also looks really cool, would fit nicely in a corner of a desk and gives you loads of cool points for having one. The little blue LED makes it look futuristic and the whole feel is suave as it fits nicely into your palm. It is also fairly slim (as seen in the photo):

The sound quality isn’t bad until the volume is cranked up, when you hear rattling and creaking noises which certainly disturbs. At other times the sound is clear, although sometimes the bass is lost on heavy tracks.

In addition to this is the price. For £20 you get a lot of bang for your buck, in comparison to a lot of other speakers I have purchased this is definitely the best value. Although this does say a lot about the quality, speakers which cost more do definitely show an improvement and if you do have the spare money it is most certainly worth splashing out.

Overall, not bad if you're tight on cash, but not really a contender with the bigger speakers.

Back to Blagman: We'll have Sidekick Number 3 and a totally different product coming soon as well as your chance to be the next Sidekick! Keep em peeled. In other news, more random products will be coming your way on Wednesday....

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